Thursday, June 15, 2006

The real FEMA fraud

Over $1 billion of disaster relief was spent on footbal games, vacations, and yes even a sex change operation. What great headlines this stuff makes!

To be honest my first thought was why is it that the media jumps all over this type of fraud but remains silent about fraud involving companies like Halliburton? And what ever happened to this story: "Why Is $59 Billion Missing From HUD?(United States. Department of Housing and Urban Development)"


Or this story: "Audit: U.S. lost track of $9 billion in Iraq funds"


And remember what Rumsfeld said on September 10, 2001?: "According to some estimates we cannot track $2.3 trillion in transactions"


I've argued that the media is controlled by the elite wealthy and so stories don't get much coverage unless they somehow serve the elite. So after all these relatively unknown stories of fraud flashed through my mind, I then asked the obvious question: how does this particular fraud story serve the elite? How is it different from the others? Well it's quite transparent I think. They want to create more contempt for the people. To the elite, these FEMA "handouts" represent another form of welfare. And boy do they HATE welfare. (Unless of course it's corporate welfare.) I can already picture droves of right wing bloggers gloating over this. They want people to be hung out to dry when there's a disaster. Personal responsibility, they call it. Apparently that only applies to poor and middle class people and not to the rich. I can't believe the hubris...

This is an example of what I call "engineered incompetence". How hard would it be to plan for a system of disaster relief that is more immune to fraud? Not very hard at all, unless you have total contempt toward the idea of even providing disaster relief. And to top it all off, the people with such contempt will end up being rewarded for this. Watch and see.


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