Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Ignorance, Krugman Style

So the genius is at it again. This time with an article entitled “Despair, American Style”. In the article he states that "the truth is that we don’t really know why despair appears to be spreading across Middle America".

Really? He cannot understand why this same despair does not affect Sweden with its giant welfare state. Or why it does not impact the liberal bastions in America such as the Northeast and California. Really?

I tend to agree with Deaton to some degree. Middle-aged whites have “lost the narrative of their lives.” But what exactly is that narrative? And more importantly, could it be that they simply realized that this narrative was all a bunch of bullcrap? And that the guilt of falling for such a stupid narrative is what leads these people to be self destructive?

So what is this narrative? It goes something like this:

You work hard, pay your taxes, and live the American Dream. You uphold a high moral standard. You hold onto traditional values because you know that is what has worked in the past. For example, you get married before having children. It is a hundred little traditions like that that add up to a way of life in which you can be proud. That pride itself drives you to do great things.

But then you look at the country around you and see these traditions being systematically attacked and destroyed. Your way of life is crumbling around you. Your nation is crumbling around you. And then you look at where your tax money is going. You worked hard to find the right partner. Or maybe you're still working hard at it. Either way, you sacrificed a great deal. You didnt give in to every hedonistic desire, or at least you tried to keep it in check best you could. But then you find out that 10% of your tax dollars have been given to single moms on welfare. The vast majority of these women got in the situation they are in by being grossly irresponsible. Or by believing in a certain way of living that you do NOT support. A way of living that you know invariably leads to financial ruin and ruined childhoods. But YOU have to pay for that way of life. It is like a double tax. You worked extra hard to live your life to a better standard, only to have to turn around and pay money to others who refused to uphold your standards. How is that supposed to not make your frickin blood boil? But it gets worse. A hundred times worse.

These welfare queens start moving into your city, thanks again to your own tax money. Their little spawn start going to the same school as your children. These welfare queens' spawn are growing up without fathers. Fathers are responsible for as much as 75% of a child's vocabulary development. Children who grow up without a father in the home are relatively incapable of communicating effectively. Which makes them into little hellions that dont frickin listen, dont respect, dont obey. And these kids are now influencing your kids. They are in the same school as your kids. As a result, the education of all children suffers. People cant wrap their heads around why our kids are not educated. This is why. They dont have frickin dads. Or their classmates dont and they have to be in the same class. But you know this already. And again, it makes your blood boil. You are forced to pay tax money into a system that you do not support, a way of life you do not support, at great personal sacrifice. It's that double tax thing I mentioned earlier. But now you see the effect that system has on your own children, making this not a double tax, but a TRIPLE tax. How do you like it, CHUMP? That is what you are. A frickin CHUMP. And what does a good little CHUMP do? He grabs a bottle of whiskey.

And this is just the result of that 10% of your tax money that goes to single moms who bang the wrong guy at every turn. But it doesnt stop there either. Oh yes it gets even worse. You see, the government runs a deficit each and every year. Which means the government is borrowing money every year to give to single moms so they can screw more idiot guys and have more kids who grow up without fathers and ruin even more of your children's educational opportunities. And what does it mean when the government borrows money? It means new money is created out of thin air every year. So the value of existing money is diluted. This of course causes the price of everything to rise. So now you pay more for healthcare. More for your kids' college tuition. More for a pound of beef. More for a goddam movie ticket. So its not really a triple tax is it? It is a QUADRUPLE tax. First, you paid through personal sacrifice. You didnt bang the first person that winked at you only to find out later on that they arent right for you. You didnt bring a child into this world with no intention of actually raising them. Oh the fun that you missed. And now YOU have to pay your hard earned money to a bunch of sluts who chose not to make that same sacrifice. Boom, double taxed. And then their little fatherless uncommunicative disobedient little hellions influence your kids and ruin your kids education. Boom, triple tax on yo ass. And then the government cant actually pay for this welfare with your taxes alone, so it borrows / prints the money and then you pay more for everyhing. Boom, quadruple taxed. How do you like that, CHUMP? Better take another double shot of that whiskey.

And by the way, that fourth layer of tax is the one that Krugman loves most. Lord yes. The guy revels in it like a pig in mud. Smelly mud. You can practically see the mud rolling off him when you read his tripe. We didnt spend enough money, he says! That is why GDP is only growing 2%. Oh really? It's not because of a broken welfare state that taxes hard working people to help pay to turn people into slovenly drooling morons who either dont work, or screw anything with 2 legs and pump out little monsters who ruin the education and thus the productivity of the entire nation? This guy will not accept ANY responsibility for the damage he has done. None of them will. They only want more and more of your hard earned money to hand out to sluts, illegal immigrants, and lazy drooling idiots. What really gets to me is how they have the nerve to act surprised when our country flounders as a result.

Notice I've only covered a paltry 10% of your tax money that gets spent on one specific thing, single moms. What about the other 90% of your tax money? I wish I could say that the rest of it fares better and is put to better use. But of course it isnt. 

Another 10% of your tax money goes to immigrant welfare. WHAT? Do I need to describe how that also is a double, and then a triple, and then ultimately a quadruple tax?

How far down this rabbit hole do you want to go? How far down do you need to go? By now, if you're a good little CHUMP, you've already finished off half that bottle of whiskey.

Do you understand yet why those particular lines are going up? If not then let me make it perfectly clear. It is guilt. You can tell just by looking at that chart that it is clearly guilt. Someone is feeling mighty guilty. But guilty of what? What are you guilty of, white man?

YOU are guilty because YOU failed. YOU let this happen. YOU stood around with your thumb up your butt and talked about football while a massive army of illegals moved in and stole your tax money.

YOU let a bunch of welfare sluts screw their way into YOUR wallet to the tune of $5 trillion over the past 10 years alone.

YOU let them kill millions of unborn babies in your name, using your tax dollars to do it. You may as well have pulled the trigger yourself. Or stuck the needle, or whatever the hell it is they do. I dont even know what they do actually, and I dont want to know.

YOU let a bunch of corporations write laws to allow them to charge monopoly prices for medicines and make trillions off you. Now you're paying $9000 a year premiums with a $6000 deductible. How do you like that, CHUMP?

YOU voted for a 2nd Bush because you liked the way he sounded when he said "If we don't stop extending our troops all around the world in nation-building missions, then we're going to have a serious problem coming down the road, and I'm going to prevent that." Lord yes, you fell for it.

YOU stood there in a trance while the controlled media gaslighted you.

You fell for it all. Your whole frickin life is a lie.

You let these little Lucys pull the football out from under you, and then you let them pull the rug out from under you too. And then you paid for the damn rug, and the football. Over and over and over again. You never even got to kick it. Because you're a CHUMP. Now DRINK, you worthless piece of crap.




I am not saying I agree with the solution so many people are apparently choosing -- drinking and drugging themselves by the millions like the Russians did after the Soviet Union fell. I am only trying to illustrate why it is happening. The correct solution is to stand up for what you believe in. Our great nation is under attack. The enemy is bringing in more and more leftist voters every year so they can vote for more and more handouts. Take a moment to think about that, as a tactic, and then realize what it means. It is low beyond measure. It is despicable. It means they know they cannot win on ideology. If the leftist ideology was so great, they wouldnt need to bring in voters from failed states to advance their agenda. And make no mistake, most latin american and asian countries clearly are failed states. They are failed states because they dont have what we have: a constitution, a people of tradition, who work hard, and who have some of the greatest thinkers this world has ever known as their nation's founders. We're on the right side of this. You have to know it down to your bones. You will need that strength and conviction to turn this tide. Let us not mince words. Let us call this what it is, a Communist Invasion, like the one your parents and grandparents were worried about 50+ years ago. Guess what, it happened. It really happened. Now put down the damn bottle. You're not a lost little soviet soldier. The Russians that drank themselves to death didnt have a George Washington to guide them. You do. It is about time you let him.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Shkreli Put

Martin Shkreli is a product of the Jim Cramer Mad Money scam machine. That right there raised a giant red flag for me. Shkreli created a hedge fund, MSMB Capital Management. He got into biotechs. Who knows how deep into it he actually got. I do not have dollar amounts. What I do have is an interesting theory. Keep in mind that this is pure speculation on my part. I have no evidence, it is only a theory. It is called the Shkreli Put.

What you do is you buy a small drug company, and you jack the price up on a single obscure drug. This creates a media frenzy, one that actually initiates a tipping point of public outrage. People see drug prices exploding across the board. They see biotech stocks in a massive bull market. It is quite clear to the masses what is going on here. Greedy companies jacking up prices to line the pockets of rich biotech shareholders. Its a pretty cut and dry thing. But why would he do it? Why jack up the price of a drug to such blatantly outrageous levels? It's simple really, so the theory goes. He did it because perhaps he is short biotech? And by short, I mean massively short, with leverage. We're talking John Paulson level of short. So short that perhaps he stood to make billions off a collapse of biotech stocks? Perhaps? Perhaps one day we will find out.

Monday, September 28, 2015

From ISIS to Fruity Puffs

Why does it keep happening? How do we keep losing millions of dollars in Iraq and Syria? These $500 million fiascos that you keep hearing about in the news, where we spend all that money training resistance fighters who then turn over all their equipment to "the enemy". Why doesn't it make any sense? Oh, but it does. The policy is and has always been destablization. Specifically, it has been about bringing arms to ISIS. Given the sheer staggering amount of money and arms that has been "given" to ISIS, one must logically conclude that this is in fact intentional. THAT is the policy in action. That is the plan, down to the letter.

But why? There are multiple reasons intersecting multiple planes of foreign policy. On one plane, you have the military industrial complex, comprised of corporations seeking profit. They're always concocting schemes like this where the basic premise is arming both sides in a conflict to increase sales. This has been well documented for decades. Just look at Iran Contra for a very well documented case study. Guns and drugs. Drugs and guns. Afghanistan is a world leading exporter of opium/heroin. Most people know this by now but they still cannot comprehend that this too is official US foreign policy at work. I don't know why this mental block persists, but it does. Too many people are naive. That naivete permeates and simultaneously clouds every reaction to US official foreign policy. Nobody who believes the rosy facade really truly understands what our govt is doing because they simply cannot accept just how corrupt it is. This paralysis of cognitive dissonance allows it to continue and expand.

The confusion about how incompetent and idiotic this all appears only adds to the paralysis. But it's not incompetent and its not idiotic. It is actually demonic. There is every sign that US official foreign policy is being guided by literal demons. The way they use fear based attacks to control the population, as in 9/11 and other similar attacks. They are able to create massive clouds of fear which provide mass subconscious access for mass manipulation. And yet again most people cannot comprehend this. Our country is literally controlled by Luciferians who actually believe that these dark forces are real and controllable. And they're right. There is a reason the Luciferians are so confident in their ideology. There is a powerful truth to it that is hidden from the masses. You have to really change the way you think about the world, life, and energy, if you want to understand what is going on.

Its not like they hide the fact that they are Luciferians. It's all right out in the open, just completely ignored by the masses. Those two finger symbols that politicians make? Satanic symbols. Plain and simple. Nothing hidden or conspiratorial about it. It is only hidden because the power they have over the masses is the power to make you not comprehend what you are seeing, just like the average person cannot see the symbols in the grocery store aisles for what they are: sugar, diabetes, poison, skull & crossbones. That's what the symbols say, but we read them as "Cocoa Puffs", "Fruity Pebbles", and "Pepsi". Everyone does this. This is the type of raw power over the masses that is being wielded here. The power to manipulate what we perceive as reality.

If we cannot understand basic symbols like those we see on packaging, how the hell are we supposed to understand US foreign policy? This is why the vast majority simply do not understand it, and will forever be shocked by the stories of billions being lost to ISIS, or spent on toilet seats. They will be shocked for a second, and then they will go back to doing what they always do in reaction to it:

absolutely nothing 

The reason nobody does anything about it is because to do something is to acknowledge what I've been saying: that there are strong demonic forces at work. And that just sounds frickin crazy. It is crazy to questions these things. But somehow it is not crazy to keep consuming mispackaged poison products until half the population is obese and suffering from diabetes? Yep. How's that for a bunch of Fruit Loops?

Monday, March 02, 2015

What is ISIS?

I've been seeing a lot of articles and discussions about ISIS. What it really is. What it really wants. While it is good to actually try to understand this group, people are ultimately asking the wrong questions. It's not about ISIS or Islam. You give any militant group access to billions of dollars in US military resources that have been left in Iraq for the taking, and they will become a threat. It does not matter who they are. All that matters is that they were handed massive amounts of money and arms. What they've been given is more than what Hitler needed to take Austria, Czechoslovakia, and Poland, and thrust the world into WWII. And by the way, Hitler was also handed his resources in much the same foolish manner. The parallels do not bode well for the future. The question to be asking is why is no one being held accountable for arming ISIS?

Make no mistake, it is the resources left in Iraq that created ISIS. Without them, ISIS is nothing. The idea that this preposterously absurd method of creating of an Islamist extremist group is something even the thickest tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorists couldnt seriously consider 15 years ago. But ten years ago? There were many who said this was how it would turn out. Their credibility has skyrocketed in my eyes. As for the people who refuse to even ask these questions, and are instead focusing on the religious aspects of ISIS? Well, they never had any credibility to begin with. Because they never had a clue. They'll be the first in line to push us into WWIII without ever knowing or caring what really is at the core of ISIS: guns and money. And if you just conveniently block out that fact, then it is easy to never ask the questions of who gave them the guns and who gave them the money.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Has a Major Top Been Reached?

Back in May 2011 I made a top call for the market. Within 90 days, the S&P500 went down 20%.

It is now that time again. I believe we are much further along in the cycle this time, and that a major decline will be coming much sooner than 90 days. By Jan 15th we should be at least 15% down off the recent highs. 25% is not out of the question. Even if we do go down 25% I am making a note right now that this is only the start. Further declines will be coming, after several rounds of central bank shenanigans.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Oil plummets, but why did it take so long?


Notice the timing on that big leg down? It started in the summer of 2013. It took almost a full year for the price of crude oil to begin to mirror that large decline in the number of new wells in the Bakken. Not a very efficient market, eh? Oil should have starting selling off a lot sooner than summer of 2014. This move in oil has been telegraphed for a long time. Everyone either already knows that shale is a pyramid or ponzi scheme, or they are quickly learning. It is a pyramid scheme because those pretty graphs of production from exponentially increasing new wells are used to make it look as if production will continue to increase even when the number of new wells stops going parabolic. But no, that's just a scam to lure investors. As soon as the number of new wells stops increasing, oil production stops increasing and begins to decline, after about a 1-2 year delay.


Yes, that is a 69% annual decline after one year. That is the typical decline rate for the typical horizontally fractured shale well. It sounds incredible, but this is a well known number. It is not like this number is a revelation to anyone who has studied shale oil.

The problem is that we have millions of people frantically seeking yield on billions of dollars of investments in this sector. You can thank the Federal Reserve for that, but that is beside the point. The point is that these people, who know nothing about shale, yet have still been willing to put their money into it, probably have been having a change of heart as they learn how fast these wells decline. Think about it. How can you base 10 year debt on wells that basically only last 2 years. Sure they still produce oil after two years, but come on, 80% of the oil is already gone but only 20% of the debt will have been serviced. It doesn't take a genius to realize that is a scam. The junk debt in this sector is doomed, and there is more than a trillion dollars of it. That is most likely why oil is crashing now.Some time this summer, we reached a 100th monkey moment. Oil has been selling off ever since.

But wait, shouldn't the price of oil rise if shale production is about to plateau and then inevitably decline? In a normal, rational world, it might. But in a world flooded by Fed funny money all bets are off. It is hard for the market to price this dynamic when you have half a trillion in losses looming over this sector. This is going to hurt the economy very badly, since this sector has been the only real source of good jobs in America in this decade.

There will be upward pressure on the price of oil when shale production begins to fall off. But not as much as you would think, because most of the market is just going to assume that the declining production would have been caused by the turmoil occurring right now. It would be erroneous to believe that any decline in shale output is to be blamed on the recent declines in oil price, but I am certain that is how the media will present it. Keep in mind that the graph above clearly shows that the rate of growth in new wells fell off a long long time before oil prices began their cliff dive. It is an interesting chicken vs egg scenario that we should all keep in mind.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Dear Salon

In response to the article

“We are starting to break down”: Why so many Americans feel traumatized"


You talk about the 21st century being forged in the images of bodies falling from the towers... but even now, despite the undeniable signs of total breakdown all around, you still will not stand up and say 9/11 was an inside job. Thus you deserve to watch this country and world sink into the abyss, never truly understanding what is really going on here. And really, you have absolutely no clue. It wasnt images of goddam bodies falling. People die all the time. We humans can face death. Many of us have faced it in gruesome ways and have come out ok. So no. It's not the imagery that did it.
Why are people traumatized? You dont really know. You have no clue. It amazes me that you people can just go on spewing your vapid garbage and watching this country slowly burn down, but you just will not wake the hell up and realize the obvious.

It's what we did in response 9/11. THAT is what traumatized us. We have collectively committed unspeakable sin of going along with a coup de tat.

You can say what you want about me and my "opinions" on 9/11. I stand by what I know, confident in what I perceive to be correct, based on my understanding of the laws of physics. But I have one thing you will only dream of having: a real understanding of why all these things are happening. I know. I'm not in the frickin dark on this crap, I know exactly why its happening, and it goes right back to 9/11.

We know something really bad happened and is still happening, but we just cant accept it. We are a nation of 8 year old girls being molested by bad men, while the smiling faces on the tube are like parental figures telling us that we are only imagining things, and that we are saying mean things about the bad men merely out of spite. And we just go on accepting the authority of these smiling faces, because we have so little self confidence and so little independence and so little control over our own minds that we just cannot summon the mental fortitude to stand up and say with our own authority that we demand the abuse to stop and are willing to do whatever it takes to stop it.

Events like 9/11 are the cornerstones of the occult system that governs our thoughts and shapes our society. Other events like Oklahoma City, Columbine, TWA 800, Sandy Hook, are also cornerstones. If you do not PERCEIVE these events correctly, you will not understand anything about what controls our society. Therefore you will be helpless and must live in passive resignation, watching the slow burn play out.

Even now, the rate at which this country is being destroyed is rapidly accelerating. Look at Obomnesty. We have 5 million illegals who are now all eligible for work permits, and employers do not have to pay an obamacare penalty if they hire these workers to replace american workers. Given this massive financial incentive, the vast majority of these illegals will replace american workers within just a few short years. And half that income will go to their home countries and will be used to bring 20 million more illegals into this country over the next decade. And while this disgusting saga slowly unfolds in front of your eyes, you will do nothing about it. Except point your fat finger at me and say "conspiracy theorist". You get what you deserve. What did I say about this Obama character before he even took office?


Amnesty and social benefits for illegals is part of a long term CFR strategy. It did not start with Obama and will not end with him either. But Obama is perfectly willing to let it happen, and even pretend to not see the long term consequences. I'm sure he sees the consequences, but will do nothing. Just like all you stunted, traumatized, neutered and spayed fools will do nothing about it. Except point your fat finger at me and say "conspiracy theorist".