Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The Test of the Flag

I always saw the national anthem and the "ritual" surrounding it as a sort of test. The test is a simple one: Can we bipedal monkeys agree to do even one thing without fighting? Can we put aside all our myriad grievances long enough to pretend to be united for even just the two minutes it takes for someone to sing the national anthem? Obviously today the answer is no.

This ritual isnt the place for a person to air their grievances. It isnt the place to make a personalized statement. The only statement you need to make is that yes you are indeed capable of getting over yourself and at least pretending to be united for a measly two minutes. Is that really so hard to do? Is that really too much to ask? We do it out of simple respect for all this country has survived through over the past 240 years. You know you've lost your country when so many who are currently occupying it cannot even comprehend this very simple concept.

Friday, May 19, 2017

On Self Driving Cars...

So I read this:

My visceral reaction: Such utter nonsense. In 12 years 50% of the cars on the road will be cars that exist TODAY. It is therefore flat out false on its face. And if we have another serious economic contraction, that number rises to 60 maybe even 70%. And who the hell wants to pay $3, 4, or 5 grand to have a frickin car drive itself? It’s frickin retarded. I am supposed to get up and go to work for 200 or 300 HOURS just to earn the money to pay extra for a machine to do one of the simplest and easiest tasks I do in an average day? It’s a goddam outrage that people think that is even remotely tenable. My prediction: in 12 years, 8% of cars will be fully autonomous. And 8% of them will be vandalized by the masses of angry unemployed victims of this stupefied economy run by idiots and parasites. Stop the STUPID.

Friday, October 28, 2016


Ok so there is this rumor going around. It is still unsubstantiated, but it is rather interesting nonetheless. Was the FBI forced to act on Hillary?

Here is some backstory:

I just wanted to point out something about this system. Here you have a guy, Kim Schmidt, who gets busted for .... basically hurting no one. This corporatist, fascist government with its mega lobbies passes laws to protect the rich and powerful. Those are the kinds of laws Schmidt violated. Meanwhile cold blooded killers are able to break the law with impunity, as long as they are supporters of said corporatist state.

This is where Karma enters the picture. They made an enemy out of Kim DotCom, simply by serving the powerful special interests who pushed through legislation that serves them and only them. And now there is a chance that it could come back to bite them. And for what? There is no evidence that MegaUpload caused anybody to lose one single dime. None. But they had to go after him. Just like they go after people for smoking a frickin herb. Just like they go after people for having a goddam cow in their barn and selling the milk, or any one of a thousand other bullcrap noncrimes. Each and every one of these steaming piles of bullcrap offenses creates a cloud of karma around this system.

Karma is an interesting phenomenon. And make no mistake, it is real. As real as magnetic fields. But it cant easily be measured. It is sort of like that Schrodinger's Cat in the box. Is he dead? Is he alive? You just dont know. Until, you do. And then you know. Every time you piss someone off with a ridiculous and egregious act of utter bullcrap, it could come back on you. You dont know when, you dont know where, you dont know how. All you know is that the more people you piss off, the more likely it is that it will occur. And this is how the powerful and corrupted ultimately destroy themselves.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Catapulting the Propaganda

Check out this amazing display of hyperfeminized leftism:

Would you send your daughter, mother, or grandmother to share space with this subhuman trash? Of course not.
Hillary Clinton should not lower herself. She shouldn't be forced to endure it. She shouldn't legitimize it. She shouldn't have anything to do with a Republican Party who’s trying to elect a sex criminal.

There you have it. Trump is a sex criminal because he talks. His words are a crime.  Hillary may be a criminal but Trump is an even bigger criminal. Because when a male postures in front of another male, and talks a bunch of crap in order to appear more manly, that is a crime. Except for one problem. There is no evidence of a crime. It's talk. Literally millions of men say crap like this when they are alone with other men. But these ultrafeminized sissies dont understand that, which is probably a big part of the reason why they are on sites like dailykos in the first place, instead of being out there tapping it, hitting it, pounding it, etc. And when I say "it" you either know what I mean, or you are a literal sissy whose genes should and most likely will be eliminated from the gene pool via simple darwinism.

Their socio-sexual dynamicism has been replaced by corporate globalist propaganda. They are trained to take that tape from 11 years ago, get all riled up, and catapult the propaganda. Indeed, they are "triggered". Exactly how they are designed to be. They still havent learned that they are working for a hopelessly corrupt and broken establishment.

Ironically, I was actually a member of dailykos when Trump uttered those infamous words 11 years ago. My hatred for the failed Bush republican party drove me toward dailykos. But it didnt take me long to realize the left was not an alternative. For these past 11 years, I have been ranting and raving about how this isnt about left vs right. It is about a corrupt establishment and a corrupt elite vs the people. It is about those who understand vs those who wittingly or unwittingly still serve the corrupt establishment. Well, we're here. We have reached a critical threshold where the 100th monkey finally understands. Unfortunately for those on dailykos, they are like the millionth monkeys. Their anger, rage, and frustration has yet to peak. Until it does, they will keep building bigger and bigger catapults.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Why the Left does not care about Hillary's Health

Conservatives have no trouble recognizing that Hillary is physically unfit to serve. But the Hillary supporters can't see it. And they wont see it. Why?

It is quite simple really. Because they know that if she is elected, she wont really be doing anything anyway. If you've seen Battlestar Galactica then you will understand what I mean when I say she will be nothing more than a Baltar on New Caprica. How healthy do you really have to be to serve that function? Wall Street banks will be in charge. Hordes of corrupt neocon warmongers will be in charge. Globalist special interests will be in charge. All Hillary will be doing is signing the papers they put in front of her.

Hillary's supporters are fully captured by the propaganda produced by these aforementioned groups. Therefore they also can see no reason why a president needs to be healthy.

A rational thinking person might conclude that a president needs to be healthy enough to stand and fight for the people. But her supporters already know, if only subconsciously, that she is not going to fight for them. Not in any way shape or form. She will be nothing more than a robosigning drone for the global elite. So what does it matter if she cant even stand?

Friday, August 19, 2016

Chinese Wages Set to Overtake American Wages by 2036!

I saw an interesting chart over at John Mauldin's site.

The chart itself drew very little attention from the author, despite the enormous implications.

This is the result of 25 years of Clinton/Bush/Obama globalism. In just 20 years, the old meme of Chinese slave labor making all our stuff will need to be replaced. But then again, these Clinton/Bush/Obama voters are so damn stupid they will probably continue to think of Chinese labor as slave labor even when they are actually making more money than American workers!

Now you understand why there is someone like Trump running on a platform of anti globalism. It really has gotten this bad, much further and much faster than most people realize.

Saturday, August 06, 2016

UnCalculated Risk

Calculated Risk is a blog centered around real estate and the economy in general.

I have read this blog on a weekly basis for probably close to 10 years. Back when Tanta was still there. Lately I have become increasingly annoyed by this guy's overbullishness on the economy. His constant gloating about how the economy is not in recession when the economy  has actually been in a recession for many years now. But because they are printing money like mad and giving it to the top 0.1%, they have been able to maintain the appearance of growth. Also, they understate inflation which also produces GDP growth where there otherwise wouldn't be. But this is a problem I have with the entire financial media so I am not going to judge Calculated Risk too harshly for it.

What really crosses the line with me is this post:

My advice for politicians and American citizens who supported Trump: If you haven't abandoned Trump yet, do it now. If your family, friends and co-workers know you supported Trump - tell them you've had enough. They will respect you for changing your mind (if not now, in the near future). If you have a Trump sign in your yard, take it down. If you have a Trump bumper sticker on your car, take it off.

I'm voting for Hillary Clinton, 

He's voting for Hillary Clinton!?!  His goddam litmus test apparently doesnt include voting to commit genocide in the middle east. Hillary voted for the Iraq war, which, if you're going to be honest, has turned out to be an act so hideous it can be argued that it is genocide. Millions of Iraqis dead or displaced. Her vote helped to kick off a refugee crisis that is threatening the very fabric of Europe!

So Trump says something politically incorrect, and kills no one, and he fails your stupid litmus test. Hillary votes to exterminate hundreds of thousands of muslims and not only does she pass your stupid litmus test, she is also somehow the one who is NOT a racist! That's right, by liberal logic you are a racist bigot islamophobe if you did NOT vote to go blow up Iraq. You're talking about bumper stickers while you support a demon, who, judging by her past transgressions, could quite literally kill us all. She already killed a million muslims and killed hundreds of Americans and Europeans from the blowback. She cant take full responsibility for it of course, but I assign at least 3% of the blame to her. How many tens of thousands of dead bodies is that? How many millions more have to live their lives in total hell because people like YOU think it is more important that a politician have 17 guys around him planning and scripting every goddam thing he says. What the hell is wrong with YOU? Screw you and your litmus test you piece of trash.