Thursday, April 07, 2011

Ignorance and Bliss

I refer to the season finale of V (2009) Season 2. I'm not saying there is a literal reptilian queen casting bliss on the entirety of humanity. However, it makes for a strong metaphor that in many ways can be taken quite literally. The people who control this planet are part of a death cult, and the powers they wield against us could be described as black magic, for lack of a better phrase. Instead of mind controlling us through "bliss", they stage events that capture our attention. Events like 9/11. We do not literally stand there staring up at the sky, but our attention is stripped away and forced to be focused onto something we had not planned. In many ways it is the same effect as if we were all just staring blankly up into the sky. If you take away the sensationalism of the idea of some lizard queen casting a spell on us, and look at strictly the empirical data, it is clear that we are being influenced by an occult force very similar to the fictional bliss. It is this force itself that is responsible for most of the lack of any intelligent discourse in politics.

Now if you look at Washington DC you see it is full of occult symbols. That is no coincidence. Washington DC is nothing but one large festering stinking occult ritual. How else do you describe democrats and republicans quibbling over an absolutely meaningless disagreement about 2% of a massive deficit. 2 percent... that is the difference between them. It is nothing. It only makes sense if you see them for what they are. Both parties are completely controlled by very powerful forces that we cannot understand. We know little about these forces, except that they are there, and they are real. The first step in changing this paradigm is to remove all the occult symbolism from Washington DC. ALL of it. Either that or sit helplessly and watch the country implode as these politicians discuss more and more absurd nonsense.

Above all else it is critical to understand that the reason there is no difference between these two parties is because they are both under the influence of the same force, and that force is most likely tied directly to the landscape and the surrounding architecture. It may not make much sense to the scientifically minded skeptic, but then again wifi wouldnt make much sense to the scientifically minded skeptic from the 19th century. I'm sure there is a scientific explanation behind the forces at work here, but unfortunately we cannot afford to sit around waiting for that explanation before acting.


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