Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Speaking Rovish

Karl Rove isn't right about much. And that includes this latest round of "cut and run" bs.

It's not cuttin and runnin when you find out you've been lied to... it's called COMMON SENSE. More and more people are realizing the ugly truth behind people like Rove and when they do... surprise surprise they change their mind about certain things. And so they should. If Rove wants to call it cuttin and runnin or flip floppin so what? I say tell him to go visit the local playground during recess, because he needs some new material. I mean, what's next? Neener neener?

Just because children have a basic understanding of republican motivations, ie, greed, selfishness, posturing, fearmongering, etc, doesn't change the fact that politics is best handled by adults with mature minds. So I don't mind phrases like "cuttin and runnin". In fact let's talk about cuttin and runnin, Mr. Rove. You cut taxes and the rich run to collect the cash. You cut oversight and run the economy into the ground. You cut deals with mexico and run our jobs to china.

Need I go on? We shouldn't allow these people to continue to act like little brats. They are far more devious (and yes downright evil) than they seem at first glance. I mean, really... Combine the trademark image of a bumbling Bush with phrases like "cut and run" and "flip flopper" and you have a republican party that is being portrayed as a schoolyard bully. Does that mean that they only deserve a slap on the wrist? I get the sense that that's all they're hoping to get. And I also get the sense that they may be right, given the sad sorry state of the media.

But in reality the Grand ol Party currently stands for a bunch of war profiteers. And cutting taxes during a time of war... that is treason in my book. Asking poor and middle class people to spill their Blood for wars based on lies and profits... and then having THE NERVE to mock them when they realize what's going on. If people Rove mocks were anywhere near as evil as Rove, I wonder what of his would be Cut, and what would be Runnin...

Hey Rover... why don't you "Just Get Me A F—ing Faith-Based Thing. Got it?"


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