Monday, September 28, 2015

From ISIS to Fruity Puffs

Why does it keep happening? How do we keep losing millions of dollars in Iraq and Syria? These $500 million fiascos that you keep hearing about in the news, where we spend all that money training resistance fighters who then turn over all their equipment to "the enemy". Why doesn't it make any sense? Oh, but it does. The policy is and has always been destablization. Specifically, it has been about bringing arms to ISIS. Given the sheer staggering amount of money and arms that has been "given" to ISIS, one must logically conclude that this is in fact intentional. THAT is the policy in action. That is the plan, down to the letter.

But why? There are multiple reasons intersecting multiple planes of foreign policy. On one plane, you have the military industrial complex, comprised of corporations seeking profit. They're always concocting schemes like this where the basic premise is arming both sides in a conflict to increase sales. This has been well documented for decades. Just look at Iran Contra for a very well documented case study. Guns and drugs. Drugs and guns. Afghanistan is a world leading exporter of opium/heroin. Most people know this by now but they still cannot comprehend that this too is official US foreign policy at work. I don't know why this mental block persists, but it does. Too many people are naive. That naivete permeates and simultaneously clouds every reaction to US official foreign policy. Nobody who believes the rosy facade really truly understands what our govt is doing because they simply cannot accept just how corrupt it is. This paralysis of cognitive dissonance allows it to continue and expand.

The confusion about how incompetent and idiotic this all appears only adds to the paralysis. But it's not incompetent and its not idiotic. It is actually demonic. There is every sign that US official foreign policy is being guided by literal demons. The way they use fear based attacks to control the population, as in 9/11 and other similar attacks. They are able to create massive clouds of fear which provide mass subconscious access for mass manipulation. And yet again most people cannot comprehend this. Our country is literally controlled by Luciferians who actually believe that these dark forces are real and controllable. And they're right. There is a reason the Luciferians are so confident in their ideology. There is a powerful truth to it that is hidden from the masses. You have to really change the way you think about the world, life, and energy, if you want to understand what is going on.

Its not like they hide the fact that they are Luciferians. It's all right out in the open, just completely ignored by the masses. Those two finger symbols that politicians make? Satanic symbols. Plain and simple. Nothing hidden or conspiratorial about it. It is only hidden because the power they have over the masses is the power to make you not comprehend what you are seeing, just like the average person cannot see the symbols in the grocery store aisles for what they are: sugar, diabetes, poison, skull & crossbones. That's what the symbols say, but we read them as "Cocoa Puffs", "Fruity Pebbles", and "Pepsi". Everyone does this. This is the type of raw power over the masses that is being wielded here. The power to manipulate what we perceive as reality.

If we cannot understand basic symbols like those we see on packaging, how the hell are we supposed to understand US foreign policy? This is why the vast majority simply do not understand it, and will forever be shocked by the stories of billions being lost to ISIS, or spent on toilet seats. They will be shocked for a second, and then they will go back to doing what they always do in reaction to it:

absolutely nothing 

The reason nobody does anything about it is because to do something is to acknowledge what I've been saying: that there are strong demonic forces at work. And that just sounds frickin crazy. It is crazy to questions these things. But somehow it is not crazy to keep consuming mispackaged poison products until half the population is obese and suffering from diabetes? Yep. How's that for a bunch of Fruit Loops?


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