Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Dear Salon

In response to the article

“We are starting to break down”: Why so many Americans feel traumatized"


You talk about the 21st century being forged in the images of bodies falling from the towers... but even now, despite the undeniable signs of total breakdown all around, you still will not stand up and say 9/11 was an inside job. Thus you deserve to watch this country and world sink into the abyss, never truly understanding what is really going on here. And really, you have absolutely no clue. It wasnt images of goddam bodies falling. People die all the time. We humans can face death. Many of us have faced it in gruesome ways and have come out ok. So no. It's not the imagery that did it.
Why are people traumatized? You dont really know. You have no clue. It amazes me that you people can just go on spewing your vapid garbage and watching this country slowly burn down, but you just will not wake the hell up and realize the obvious.

It's what we did in response 9/11. THAT is what traumatized us. We have collectively committed unspeakable sin of going along with a coup de tat.

You can say what you want about me and my "opinions" on 9/11. I stand by what I know, confident in what I perceive to be correct, based on my understanding of the laws of physics. But I have one thing you will only dream of having: a real understanding of why all these things are happening. I know. I'm not in the frickin dark on this crap, I know exactly why its happening, and it goes right back to 9/11.

We know something really bad happened and is still happening, but we just cant accept it. We are a nation of 8 year old girls being molested by bad men, while the smiling faces on the tube are like parental figures telling us that we are only imagining things, and that we are saying mean things about the bad men merely out of spite. And we just go on accepting the authority of these smiling faces, because we have so little self confidence and so little independence and so little control over our own minds that we just cannot summon the mental fortitude to stand up and say with our own authority that we demand the abuse to stop and are willing to do whatever it takes to stop it.

Events like 9/11 are the cornerstones of the occult system that governs our thoughts and shapes our society. Other events like Oklahoma City, Columbine, TWA 800, Sandy Hook, are also cornerstones. If you do not PERCEIVE these events correctly, you will not understand anything about what controls our society. Therefore you will be helpless and must live in passive resignation, watching the slow burn play out.

Even now, the rate at which this country is being destroyed is rapidly accelerating. Look at Obomnesty. We have 5 million illegals who are now all eligible for work permits, and employers do not have to pay an obamacare penalty if they hire these workers to replace american workers. Given this massive financial incentive, the vast majority of these illegals will replace american workers within just a few short years. And half that income will go to their home countries and will be used to bring 20 million more illegals into this country over the next decade. And while this disgusting saga slowly unfolds in front of your eyes, you will do nothing about it. Except point your fat finger at me and say "conspiracy theorist". You get what you deserve. What did I say about this Obama character before he even took office?


Amnesty and social benefits for illegals is part of a long term CFR strategy. It did not start with Obama and will not end with him either. But Obama is perfectly willing to let it happen, and even pretend to not see the long term consequences. I'm sure he sees the consequences, but will do nothing. Just like all you stunted, traumatized, neutered and spayed fools will do nothing about it. Except point your fat finger at me and say "conspiracy theorist".


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