Friday, June 23, 2006

RatherGate: Did CBS intentionally burn itself?

I have no direct evidence, but I strongly suspect that CBS burned itself and Rather so that Bush would win the election. They may have tarnished their name a little, but CBS, as a business, simply had too much to gain from another four years of Bush. And I bet they still haven't forgiven Rather for talking about controlled demolition when he reported on the collapse of building 7. So this was kind of like killing two birds with one stone. Hell, it was more like 3 birds. People can use this story to claim that the media has a liberal bias. heh

But to me the bigger story is the right wing noise machine. The way these idiots find some tiny little sliver of doubt and just pile on and march in lockstep like 10,000,000 lemmings off a cliff... they really worry me because that behavior is so dangerous.

Everyone on the right was all over that "forged document" story. Because it was suspicious. Too suspicious, imo, suspicious to the point of obviousness... which also worries me. How can something be suspicious when it is totally obvious? Like a trail of breadcrumbs... Yes, something about this story stunk badly. I find it impossible to believe that CBS didn't see it coming. In fact I know they did because I read and watched the interviews with CBS's authenticators who predicted the backlash from the right wing noise machine. So I guess I do have a small amount of direct evidence that CBS burned itself intentionally.

The whole forged document story comes down to one simple question: when you see a trail of breadcrumbs, do you ask "I wonder who left this?" or do you ask "was I supposed to find this?"? Were 1 million idiot wannabe detectives supposed to jump on this? I mean these people aren't too bright. Most of them still think Bush is a conservative. Ha ha. Yeah not too bright.

But what really bothers me is that these people scrutinized this story yet they just swallowed all the lies about 9/11. ("It's all just a series of weird coincidences. blah blah blah") I honestly thought the able danger story was going to be their undoing, because their desire to blame Clinton could have exposed more of the conspiracy. But that story just sort of died when they realized it went far beyond a Clinton or a Gorelick.

But anyway my point is... the million idiots who were all over this forged document story are a real problem because they so completely gullible. They didn't care about the story. For them it was a simple equation:

"Microsoft Word didn't exist back then so therefore Bush's [censored] doesn't stink. "

Talk about a classic non-sequitur. But I guess that's about how deep their tiny little groupthink consciousness goes. It doesn't take a genius to realize that such a ship of fools could easily be steered into a rock. hmm... "a rock" ... "uh-rock"... Iraq... imagine that. Just another coincidence I'm sure.


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