Thursday, August 02, 2012

Yes, Facebook Stole From You Too

You say "I dont own Facebook stock, so why do I care that Facebook was designed from the ground up to be an investor scam?"

But you would be wrong to say you don't own Facebook. You do own Facebook. Everyone owns Facebook. How many billions of dollars of pension fund money was dumped in there when it went public? How many billions in 401k money?

And guess what happens when those funds lose money because their Facebook stock loses 90%? You know damn well what happens. The government bails them out. One way or another, taxpayer money is going to fill the void left by this Facebook scandal.

It is funny and convenient how only after the stock goes public, does the truth come out about Facebook's ad clicks being mostly bots.

See this article for some background:

From the article:  

The timing here may be a bit questionable, from my opinion: This all occurred “earlier this year,” Mango told me. So why the wait to publicize the situation? “We’ve been too busy to post about it until now since our site just launched out of beta a couple of weeks ago,” he said.

Too busy? Yeah right. More like they didnt want to be crushed by some tentacle of wall street for throwing a monkey wrench into their Facebook IPO scam.

Have the major marketers who have been spending millions on Facebook advertising for years simply not noticed such a thing? It’s possible, but it would be surprising.

Possible? Not just possible. Extremely probable. There is no way a large company, with millions in IT resources, wouldnt know that Facebook clicks are coming from bots. I think they all knew; I think all the major Fortune 500 companies knew Facebook was a scam from the get. Ad revenue would have been much much higher if anyone believed in this model.

Same goes with all the major investment houses. But they saw an opportunity to make billions selling a bag of stinky crap to anyone stupid enough to take it.... such as a pension fund. Now that the general public owns this stinky bag of crap called Facebook, I fully expect the truth to come out. I expect the following headline: "Internal documents show Facebook advertising model designed around click bot fraud." Hell we might even find evidence these bots are running on facebook-owned hardware. Wouldnt that be a hoot. But it doesnt really matter. Why run the bots yourself when you design a system that can be gamed by bots? I mean really, what is this, 1995? Like they didnt know? There is just no way any rational person could ever believe that this company did not know it had bots running rampant through its primary revenue generation stream.


Anonymous Facebook for business said...

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8:32 PM  
Anonymous AllenCarlos said...

There is just no way any logical individual could ever believe that this organization did not know it had crawlers operating widespread through its main income creation flow.

12:24 AM  
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