Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Our Cyprus Moment

This story has really highlighted the ignorance of a large sector of the so-called educated and informed minority. Most people dont care about bankster games and all the looting that goes on behind the scenes, at least not until they start coming after your savings. For some reason that seems to raise all sorts of red flags and get people all riled up. But I guess it is fine so long as they dont try it the Cypus way? What if they are not so blatant about it? Well, the Federal Reserve confiscated arguably much more than 10% of everyone's savings over the last 5 years. Just flat out confiscated. Is that hyperbole? Hell no its a damn fact. If you take granny's $50,000 cd she has at the bank earning 4% that gives her $60,800 after 5 years. But when the Fed lowers rates to nothing, her CD earns her basically nothing after 5 years. Maybe $2000 tops, for a total of $52,000. So what is $60,800-52,000? $8800. Out of a $50,000 CD, granny has now had $8800 confiscated through the last 5 years of central bank policy. 8800/50000 = 17.6%. Boom. Gone. And nobody seems to care about that. Yet what happens in Cyprus is somehow a problem? They are just following our wonderful brilliant lead: seize people's savings and give that money to wall street...

...And then pretend to be so blind that you cant see what's going on so you can have an excuse to act surprised when this can-of-stupid blows wide open. This country is so far under the propaganda gun that not one person in 100 actually understands that we already had our Cyprus moment. Yet we are so quick to point out how bad it is when it happens somewhere else.


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