Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Sound of Silence

A long time ago, long before I was born, Simon and Garfunkel wrote a song. If you do not know it then you have surely missed something along the way in your journey.

"Silence like a cancer grows"

I see something in this song that might only be a reflection of my own strange view of the world. So much of how we communicate is done in silence. Through symbols we do not consciously process. This shared symbology shapes our view of the world and weaves the fabric of society. It is in music too. Not in the lyrics, but in the feeling evoked by the music and the lyrics together. In not 5000 words could I explain it as succinctly as a single song can explain it.

But then why the cancer reference? This seems like a great and wonderful thing, this ability to communicate in silence. I think what they were trying to say is that we have no control over it. This "silent interface" to our subconsciousness is sort of like a back door.

And you know who likes to use back doors.

I believe society is being programmed, or hacked, and this process is done in silence. It is only our words that can prevent it. It is only through language that our conscious minds can combat symbolic programming. Society must be driven by language rather than through occult symbology. Some part of me seriously doubts that Simon and Garfunkel truly understood the depth of this, but maybe they did? I cant see any other logic behind the cancer reference. One thing for sure I find it no coincidence that language is under attack, through both dumbing down and through political correctness. But the symbology is alive and well and stronger than ever. We are being drowned in it. I fear that one day people will no longer question the deeper meaning in songs like this. And that one day our songs themselves may simply cease to hold any sort of deeper interpretations at all. I believe that this is the "silence" Simon and Garfunkel are speaking of.


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