Friday, July 14, 2006

Big Oil Lies Again:

I saw an add on tv. A bunch of people were asking questions about oil and gasoline. They were halfway decent questions, and it sounded like they really wanted answers. One of them said "tell us the truth." lol fat chance of that happening.

I checked out the site they mentioned at the end of the ad.

First of all, I was disturbed to see this statement right on the home page: "Seventy percent of the nation's goods are transported in diesel-powered vehicles, helping to make it America's primary commercial fuel."


In my search for an answer to that question, I clicked on the link labeled "Diesel"
Did they answer that question? Of course not. The first thing I noticed was a colorful graph that basically tells me that taxes are responsible for high prices!

Yeah those evil taxes! Damn libruls...

Well it took me about this long to figure out what this site is really about...
When I think about how much money we'd save by having a real railway infrastructure, it makes the tax seem somewhat insignificant.

And here's an interesting thought: since this country has shifted toward the big-box retail approach, why not use railways to ship goods directly to the stores? Hell you wouldn't even need trucks at all. One of the big reasons for trucks is to ship goods over "the last mile" ... Big box retailers have essentially eliminated "the last mile", so why not supply them by rail? Could it be because we're #$@%ing stupid? Or could it be because the oil companies want us to waste as much oil as possible? Hmmm....

I'm just one person, with little education and background in the economics of the trucking and oil industries. Yet I can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that trains are better than trucks for supplying big box retailers. Not only is it cheaper, but also safer! A third of all deadly highway accidents involves a truck. Doesn't that statistic just piss you off? Forget 9/11. Our trucking industry is more dangerous than Al Qaeda.

We pay the price in blood. We pay the price at the pump. So why the hell hasn't Bush declared War on Trucking? And why is this site ignoring those facts?

This wasn't meant to be a tirade against the trucking industry. It just happened to be the first thing that came to mind.


The next thing I noticed about this bogus web site is that it's horribly slow for something sponsored by the oil companies. It took 3 minutes to download the file OilPrimer.pdf

I'm disappointed! And I haven't even read the thing yet.

"Why the Sustained Rise in Oil Prices Over the
Past Few Years?
The price of crude oil increased because worldwide demand
has increased in response to global economic growth – and
supply has not fully kept pace. This growth has included both
developed countries, such as the United States, and emerging
countries, such as China.10"

Lies. Peak Oil has caused the increase in prices. To place the blame on China is ludicrous. China has been growing at a steady rate for at least the last decade. They've been growing fast, yes, but that growth was NOT unexpected. Also, when oil was $15 a barrel back in 1999, the projected demand for 2006 was actually higher than it is now. Probably because we had an economic slowdown in 2000-2003... So clearly they are lying through their teeth.

Let's see what an alternative source has to say on the issue.

"Peak production was reached in many countries e.g. in the USA (1970). Recent "members“ joining the club of 50+ countries with declining production rates are UK (1999), Australia (2000), Oman (2000) and Norway (2001)."

What's important about this statement is that fact that all of these countries were forecasted to peak much later. (The US was supposed to peak in 2017!) The North Sea was projected to peak in 2007. But instead it peaked in 1999. That more than anything is why prices are so high now. Alaska and the North Sea were supposed to be the saving graces of western civilization. Yet some called them nothing more than a band aid. And for that they were ridiculed and reviled! Well they were right all along. The band aid has fallen off, and now we are in trouble. Now more than ever, we rely on oil from the most unstable regions in the world. Nowhere in that bogus primer do they bother to mention any of this.

Come on API, you can lie more convincingly than this, can't you?


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