Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The First Propaganda Wave of 2007

So Pelosi is going to drain the swamp? She is going to corall these wreckless republicans? Does anyone think for one minute that this rhetoric is going to translate into action in 2007?

Well let's see what google news has to say about how that's going so far:

"First new wave of US troops will go to Iraq by month's end"
"New Wave Of Troops Set For Iraq"
"Bush faces Democratic opposition to troop boost"

Wow isn't that something? The democrats are fighting to prevent an escalation of the war. Huh? Wait a minute say that again. The democrats are fighting to prevent an escalation of the war. Huh? Hmm so instead of taking control of the deteriorating situation as we expected them to do, they are merely fighting to prevent a further escalation?

The question I have is this: Is Bush really doing what he thinks is best, or is he simply trying to make the democrats look even dumber than he is? (Which surprisingly is not hard to do.)

This is basic psychology at work here. Bush has shifted the debate from reduction vs status quo to escalation vs status quo. Good job Mr Sneaky Boy. And they say impeachment is off the table? I don't think he got the message... and now I wonder what message the republicans are going to be using come '08. I can hear the RNC rhetoric already: "Democrats increased the number of troops in Iraq, but we will do the right thing and bring our kids home!"


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