Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Kerry let slip more truth than America can handle

Watch this video. It is the longer version of the infamous "Stuck in Iraq" sound bite.

Now, here are 3 very simple questions:

1. Did John Kerry mention the troops? Yes or No.
2. Did John Kerry mention the military? Yes or No.
3. Did John Kerry mention Bush? Yes or No.

There you have it. The anatomy of a smear. Yes it sounded like an attack on the troops. But it wasn't. So why do we think it was? From day one (~1971) Kerry has been smeared as a troop basher. And guess what? We're a bunch of dumbed down idiots who allow ourselves to be brainwashed by the media. You think any of it is an accident? Go back to the 1970's. Check out this piece:

What WAS he thinking? I'll tell you what he was thinking. The same thing we all think when we see grave injustices happening around us. The only thing he did wrong was to stand up against injustice. OMG that makes him a coward. He hates the troops! How stupid do you have to be to buy into this crap? It's insulting. So insulting that it makes my calling us stupid a compliment in comparison.

The same thing is happening today.

Should we demand justice and fairness? Or should we cower like dogs and cover it up. How is it that when someone like Kerry exposes gross crimes within the military, it automatically means he hates the military? If you care about something you do your best to clean the crap off of it when someone takes a dump on it. Kerry was trying to clean up the crap, so I guess people just assumed he is the one that took the dump? I'm picturing a caricature of John Kerry wearing an oversized pair of rubber gloves, and he's got this big pile of stinking dung in his hand, and there's a crowd of people pointing and laughing (and more than likely one of them did the dirty deed). I don't know, it makes no sense at all. It never does. Yet it happens all the time. Everyone knows what it is like to be harassed and vilified for doing the right thing. It's bad enough that most people will just stand by and let injustices go unchallenged, but to attack those that do something... it is and has always been the worst of the worst behavior in human nature. It is what allows every other bad thing to happen.

Did John Kerry set out to hurt our troops? No of course not. But there is such a thing as justice, and it is greater than all of us. When any soldier commits a crime it damages us in ways we cannot even begin to calculate. It must not be tolerated. So what does it say about us as a people when we allow a seeker of justice to be vicously smeared and attacked like this? Sometimes the truth hurts. Sometimes justice hurts. And yes some veterans took a lot of crap because of what Kerry did. But that is a poor reflection on all of us, not on John Kerry. John Kerry didn't tell anyone to go spit on a veteran. Some people just simply cannot understand that, and again this is a poor reflection on all of us.

For christ sakes I'm not even a christian and I can see this clearly. What does that say about the millions of people who call themselves christians yet attack John Kerry because he followed his conscience and did his duty. Duty, Honor, Righteousness. These are not things that can be cast aside when they become inconvenient or too painful to deal with. That is precisely why I am not a christian... not because I do not believe in the teachings of Christ, but because I do not wish to be associated with so many hypocrites who willfully betray their own principles.

After all this time, nobody should be looking down on John Kerry with such contempt. Not for this. You want to blame him for something, blame him for willfully ignoring the vote fraud in Ohio and conceding in 2004. There are alot of things about Kerry that anger people. I can certainly understand that. But it is immoral and unjust to allow that anger to feed this terrible media distortion machine. That same "drive by media" (as Mr pillpopper likes to call it) could ruin any one of us, at any time, anywhere. It's been 35 years and still the original root cause of the angst against Kerry remains. And it has grown. That is a failing in all of us. We don't stand up for justice. We let him get hung out to dry. Over and over again. Stand up to these people. Don't let this continue any longer. It's a simple argument. He did the right thing. It hurt a lot of people. But he's not the one who put us in Vietnam. He's not the one who made those bad apples take out their aggressions on innocent vietnamese. He's not the one who buried all those stories on page 17 of the newspapers. And he's not the one who put us in Iraq. And if we stood up for people like Kerry in the first place, we wouldn't even be in Iraq. These neocon crazies would have never gotten into power. Do you doubt that? Then you have yet to learn just how powerful the force for justice can be. I hope for the sake of this country that we are capable of learning this lesson, and, even more importantly, of teaching it. Because the "liberal media" isn't going to do that job for us.


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