Thursday, November 16, 2006

Impeachment: A matter of survival

Impeachment is required for the very survival of the US. I don't mean the country is going to suddenly implode overnight if we don't impeach, but we have to acknowledge the fact that we've created many thousands of people who want to kill us. And we also have to admit that while Bush was wrong on many counts, he is right in that we cannot project an image of weakness around the world. But we can't be thinking of the thousands who want to kill us. We have to start thinking of the millions of moderate muslims, and how they (and their media) will react to whatever action we take.

After 9/11, the right wing reactionaries said things like "the muslims hate our freedoms" and "we gotta go over there and get them before they get us." Those were bogus arguments, and they still are for the most part, although the threat is increasing. At the rate we're headed, the threat is soon going to shift from "unlikely" to "likely". That is when we'll start seeing suicide car bombings and other acts of terrorism right here on these shores. And of course when that happens it will mean the end of progress in this country. More and more money will be spent on security, which will further enrich the wealthy and curtail more liberties and set more americans against each other and in fear of each other. All of this will have been made possible by the same people who said "we gotta get them before they get us." See, they are creating their own reality. For years they lived in an oversimplified world of paranoia where every muslim is a terrorist. And now, after invading the middle east and treating millions of peaceful people as if they were terrorists, they have now created the very same threat they set out to combat. It is called a self-fulfilling prophecy. They are creating their own reality... and unfortunately it is the same reality we all must live in.

There are basically only 3 options for an Iraq policy.

1. Stay the course.
2. Withdraw, and don't impeach. Move forward. Let sleeping dogs lie.
3. Withdraw, and impeach!

Now here are some of the possible rewards and consequences of each option.

1. Stay the course. Keep fighting the insurgency, and keep fueling the insurgency until the entire middle east explodes and takes the whole world with it. It would probably take years, but it would be a slow and steady decline.

2. Withdrawal without impeachment. This sends the message that we are a bunch of imperialist cowards who invaded the middle east because "we americans think we can do anything, and are willing to try ... as long as we can pull it off for little or no effort." In other words, we reinforce this perception of "contempt for muslims" that has been created by the bigoted right wing extremists in this country. And at the same time, we bolster the image and the rhetoric of the islamic extremists. Millions of moderate muslims will believe the radicals when they say "You see, the americans are cowards! they thought they could come here! take our oil! rape our women and children! all without fight?! But we are strong!! and they are weak!! and now they run... now we teach them lesson!" In truth, who really knows exactly what kind of crap they're going to spew. The point is, there's going to be lots of it, and more moderates are going to become radicals as a result. If we pull out of Iraq and give the impression we did it for ANY reason other than the fact that the war was a lie and an act of aggression, then I can think of no better way to "bring the terrorists home with us." It makes us look so weak, and contemptable. We need to make ourselves look like we were misled, not weak. There is a huge difference. It should not be too difficult, considering that is exactly what happened. We were misled. But the establishment is never going to admit to that on its own.

3. Withdrawal and impeachment! This sends the message that we realized the invasion was a mistake, and through the impeachment process, are attempting to bring the war criminals to justice. This is the ONLY WAY to win in Iraq. If we do not impeach, then all the outlandish claims of the extreme right will happen. The reality they have been creating will finally come true. The terrorists really are gonna start coming here. And no amount of police state bullcrap is going to make it any more bearable. We're on a slippery slope here, and I can see this as clearly as I saw the Iraq debacle coming four years ago. As did many people. This isn't a matter of speculation, it is simple "A follows B" logic, and therefore my degree of certainty approaches nearly 100%. This will happen.

If you don't care about stopping it then you may as well start investing in the surveillance, security, and biometric stocks right now. I can practically hear the little bootkissing minions right now: "As long as my stock splits 5 times I don't care what happens to this country!"

But if you DO care about stopping it, you better be pushing for impeachment now.

Most of the establishment forces are pressuring us toward option #2. But remember, the establisment dems that have gotten themselves into power now are not the same people who hit the streets a month before the Iraq invasion began. We need to listen to those protesters, and not to the establishment who is trying to hijack the antiwar movement and use it to push their agenda. It is very important to remember that almost everyone in congress has more in common with Bush AND Hillary than they do with any of the people who took to the streets to protest the war before it even began.

Understand this. Option #2 is the worst option on the table. Pulling out of Iraq without an accompanying impeachment is WORSE THAN STAYING THE COURSE. It totally sabotages our nation's honor, in the name of covering up for war criminals. And a nation without honor will be treated as such. This will play right into the extremists' hands... and instead of facing a few hundred who hate us enough to blow themselves up, we will be facing thousands. They will have all the proof they need that this country is run by a bunch of thugs. Fate will show no mercy if we allow that to happen at this point in our nation's history.

Do not forget what impeachment means. Just because a bunch of republican hacks abused it so they could go on a Clinton witchhunt, it does not mean we should view impeachment as some kind of "partisan tactic". It is a necessary part of our system of checks and balances, and we need it now more than ever.


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