Monday, November 13, 2006

Way to go California

You jackasses. It's just about what I expected from a state that is dumbed down enough to allow Enron and Ahnold to happen. Is it the air over there, or what?

What is so hard to understand about the need to fund alternative energy? Even if you believe the disinformation about how proposition 87 would have raised oil prices, what difference does it make? Let me ask you this: Just what exactly do you call it when oil prices go up to $80 a barrel? Is that what you'd call a freakin tax break? Well you better get used to more of that. The oil companies are going to TAX your tax-aphobic asses whether you like it or not.

Alternative energy needs to be pursued vigorously, and there is only one way to secure enough funding for it. You really think the big energy companies are going to invest in something that causes their own products to be worth less? Ha ha. It will have to be forced upon them. That is the only way. And it will happen eventually. I don't care how dumb yall are, there will come a point where you'll be screaming for alternative energy solutions. Obviously $60 or $80 a barrel oil isn't enough. Next year it will hit $100 a barrel, if the trend continues. Look at the economic numbers for the past year. The economy damn near came to a screaching halt when oil approached the $80 mark. Perhaps when we're in a global economic depression you'll look back and think "hmm maybe it wasn't such a bad idea." Too bad we won't be able to fund jack diddly squat if our nasty oil habit destroys the value of our dollar and our lovely suburbiated economy.

I really wish I could understand what the deal is with you people. It must be the air... Get educated. Get informed. Get your heads out of the damned tv sets before that stupid tv set is all you have left. If California goes, this whole country goes. You people are on the front lines in the alternative energy war. It's about time you started acting like it.


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