Friday, March 09, 2007

Daylight Savings Time

Or time to scam the Daylights out of us?

Many computers are set to automatically adjust for DST. They use a very simple algorithm, like "on the 4th sunday of oct, at 2am, set clock back one hour". So now many clocks are going to be messed up over the next few weeks. IT professionals are scrambling to avoid any problems that could be caused by this, and there is a cost associated with that. No doubt the bearucrats in washington did not take that cost into account. I'm not sure how much money will be saved by this switched, after those "hidden costs" are factored in. It could be many years before we see any real gains from this small change to DST. It is also possible that this change might be exploited in some as of yet unknown manner. It could end up costing taxpayers millions! Only time will tell.


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