Monday, March 05, 2007

In Union We Stand

A peaceful co-existance, is dropping out of sight.
So band together, together we will fight.
Blasting the resistance, marching to the top.
They started this, we say when it stops.
Strike fear within their hearts!
Strike down those in your way.
Let them know, that we live, today!!
They threw us into flames,
Did not hear our cries.
But now, from the ashes we arise...

In union we stand,
As they! blaze across the land!!
In union, we make a final stand....

These are some of the lyrics to the song "In Union We Stand" by Overkill. It's a pretty hardcore metal album that was released almost exactly 20 years ago. It's funny, back when I first started listening to this band, I was quite the stereotypical angry young man. I'd walk around with earphones all the time, and almost always with some kind of metal playing on my walkman. I was much like many of the iPod "wearers" today. The really funny thing is I'm not into that at all anymore. Can't stand earphones. I like big speakers! heh. Yeah I've changed a lot. But one thing that hasn't changed is my love for songs like this.

Sadly, the word union has been raked over the coals in a thousand different ways over the past few generations. Whether we're talking about organized labor or marriage! I wont even get into the marriage thing, but I have to say something about unions as they pertain to organized labor. We owe a lot to what unions have done for us in the past. But the big money powers-that-be have long since discovered that the best way to destroy unions is... with outsourcing! How convenient. Some of it has merit, but really the majority of it is just a scam. That is something we're going to find out the hard way as fuel and shipping costs increase. It's a great deal for the oil barons but really sucks for the rest of us doesn't it? Especially now that our little piece of the oil pie is getting smaller and smaller with each passing year. And what happens if the cost of fuel rises so high that it erases any benefit of outsourcing? Then we'll be stuck trying to rebuild our local manufacturing base... which won't be easy. Just some food for thought, for the next time you are served another 4 course meal of high quality grade-A anti-union propaganda.


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