Friday, August 24, 2007

On Nationalizing Helath Care...

So you want nationalized health care? Here is some food for thought:

Why not nationalize the automotive industry?

GM and Ford have been major screwups over the last decade. They failed in countless ways. So does the government come in and bail them out? Or does another company come along and offer a better product for cheaper? Like Toyota perhaps?

What happens to companies like Toyota if the government comes in and starts running GM and Ford?

You have to apply the same logic to the health care industry as well. Because as far as the Constitution is concerned, health care is just like a car. Not everyone is entitled to own one. This aint a utopia we're living in here, and it never will be.

You think Big Pharma is going to just go away once the government comes in and takes over health care? LOL Big Pharma is the reason why the health care system is broken. They are a big part of the reason we really don't have a free market health care system. Blame the lobbyists, and blame the legislators, and blame ourselves for not getting more involved in the process. That would be the smart thing to do, no? Makes a bit more sense than blaming the market itself? (That sounds about as logical as Bush with his war on terra. Or the war on poverty.)

We already have more than enough government meddling in the healthcare system. They are chipping away at the free market every time they pass a law that unduly benefits Big Pharma. That is what needs to change. It is mere delusion to think that more government can somehow counter Big Pharma. There is no problem that can't best be solved by an informed, responsible citizenry and a free market. So if you want to change things then start from that approach. Either that, or shout out for national health care along with all those other naive feel-good ideas. If it feels so good, then shout it out while you are on your way to WalMart... to pick up another lead coated toy made in China. Either way, I'm sure your kids will love you for it.


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