Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Sony Really is Stupid

Looking for the final proof of how dumb Sony is? Here it is:

Why did they not include a $20 remote with every system? Hell, you know it couldn't cost them more than $10 to make. Now, behold the results of their stupidity:

60% of PS3 users don't know they've got Blu-ray

Wow. When I saw that headline, I could not believe it. Hmmm, maybe if every PS3 owner had a nice shiny remote laying on the coffee table, they might just be inclined to learn more about this blu-ray stuff, no? They might even go buy some movies! Dont the people over at Sony understand how viral marketing works? After they went through so much trouble (and expense) to push blu-ray, I cannot believe they did this. :O


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