Monday, May 21, 2007

The Immigration Debate: Yes We're Being Hoodwinked Again

I wonder, to all those who are criticizing the illegal latin-american immigrants (I count myself among you more often than not btw)... have you ever wondered where we'd be if we actually bought our cheap "chinese" goods from latin american manufacturers, rather than from China? (Erm, remember Red China?) hmm... maybe then latin american economies would grow, and there'd be jobs down there and there'd be less immigration... not to mention it would cost us far less in oil to transport all this junk halfway around the world.

We need to stop with the divide and conquer mindset and start looking at things a little differently. Most of them are hard working people looking for a better life, and we should be a little bit more concerned about how things got this way and what it means for this country if we start rounding people up. I couldn't believe the comments I was reading and hearing today. My god if you're willing to take such extreme actions then you better not be buying anything from China or else that makes you a hypocrite and a fool. Ask yourself why China is growing so fast when it was our corporations that chose to invest over there. Ask why did they do that. How does NAFTA and CAFTA fit into that? What did China offer that latin american countries could not offer? Look back through history. Look at the governments we overthrew. Look at the coups we staged. And look at our economic relations with those countries now. What does it all mean? I can't answer that. No one in the mainstream media can answer that. Noam Chomsky is one of few who can answer these sorts of questions concisely. But who is listening?

It's something to think about before contemplating the use of these:

First they came...


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