Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The Plastic Conspiracy

I remember this clip from years ago. Plastic! I saw something in the store that reminded me of it.

I'm not even gonna bother posting it. (Partly because this stupid blogger wont even do it!) But you can see it here:

Just a quick look at the name of the link itself should prepare you for the absurdity contained within. This is a sad day for America... Ok so maybe I am over-reacting. Now I am not going to buy these just to find out how much packaging is wasted on a product like this, but you can bet that there's plenty of plastic going to waste in there. So many food products are like that. I've seen some with up to FOUR layers of plastic packaging! (6 or 7 if you count the entire shipping process.) It's as if there is this grand conspiracy where everyone is competing to see how much plastic they can waste on packaging these products. Doesn't it seem like someone somewhere wants us to be wasting all this plastic? How else does one explain it? Thanks alot George, for getting these silly thoughts stuck in my head!

When I saw the box of cereal straws in the store, I did check one thing though: To see if they were made in the USA. :/


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