Thursday, September 27, 2007

Analyzing Globalist Propaganda

This is a truly fine example of a very dangerous type of propaganda. It tries to present a balanced view of consumerism and the globalism that drives it, but doesnt even attempt to address the real hidden costs of it, nor the gross unsustainability of it.

Take the walmart propaganda for example.

bargain hunters who throng Wal-Mart save at least $100 billion a year. Some studies put the savings closer to $200 billion. That comes to more than $600 per family -- no small change for the typical Wal-Mart shopper with an average family income of $35,000 in 2005.

We do NOT save money at walmart. Walmart is nothing more than an elaborate scheme to transfer wealth from the middle class to whoever owns their stock or happens to be in upper management anywhere in their supply chain. Like many others, Reich says Walmart saves people $100 billion. Baloney. The use of such rediculously rigged numbers is a clear sign of propaganda. It's like when the neocons talk about the iraq war costing only a few hundred billion. Yeah well if you do the math you realize that it has costed us over 30 billion dollars for every single dollar increase in the price of a barrel of oil. So take your pick. How much did the iraq war increase the price of a barrel of oil?? 5 dollars? ching. 10 dollars? cha-ching. 20 dollars?? Do you really even want to know? Now the same applies to walmart. How much has their "new paradigm of globalization" caused the price of oil to increase? Even just 3 dollars a barrel wipes out any imagined savings. You're a fool if you think it's any less than that. Nothing is local anymore. Everything is globalized. From a paper plate to a ping pong ball, it seems like everything is wrapped in petro-plastic and shipped around the world. And Walmart is at the center of all of it. It's costing us, bigtime, and those costs are gonna keep going up until they no longer can be ignored by phoney damage-control hacks like Reich who love to ignore the elephants in the room.

And it's not just oil either. Look how many jobs walmart alone has killed. I'm talking about good jobs. Jobs that add value to property. Jobs that create other jobs. Jobs that dont contribute toward this awful homogenization of our culture. (The value of that cannot even be calculated.) Jobs that create export value. Every time a good job is killed and replaced with a "walmart job", it eats into these imagined "savings" people think they're getting at walmart. I refuse to believe that people are so selfish that they'd willfully steal money from their own neighbors. Yet that's what we're doing. That's the whole basis for this twisted form of globalization. It can only end two ways. Either we wise up and stop doing it, or we keep doing it till everyone has nothing and we end up as slaves. We're not saving any money. Those that think they're profiting from this... you're not nearly as much as you think you are. And worst of all it is totally wrecking our culture and creating a spiritual void so large that we might become so soulless as to not even care about being slaves. For what? Just to make the rich richer. That's just wonderful.


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