Thursday, September 20, 2007

Where No Gene Has Gone Before

You think you know what genetic engineering is? Is it about getting rid of that "fat" gene? That alzheimer's gene? That "stupidity" gene? There's plenty of debate about that aspect of genetic engineering. But what about genetic engineering as it relates to eugenics? Population control? Social engineering? Here the waters get considerably muddier.

What is beginning to happen in these modern times is totally different from all of human history. It is no longer about survival of the fittest on the individual level. It is becoming more about survival of the fittest on a group level. Class warfare is going to become tightly integrated into classical darwinian evolutionary processes.

The class that is rapidly gaining financial control over the world will have the ability to decide who reproduces and who does not. For optimal profits, the goal is to engineer a docile slave "sub race", and keep its population at or around 0.2~1.0 billion. There would be about 10 of these slaves for every 1 master. (We wont call the masters "masters" and we wont call the slaves "slaves", but that wont change what they will be.) Aberrant personality traits will be screened and eliminated.

I imagine the first question the social architects will ask is: would you live as a slave if it was your only choice? I'm sure they could find a billion people who would say yes! Those who say "no way" would be the first to go. Then they will eliminate creative thinking, intellect, critical thinking, leadership qualities, bravery, assertiveness, etc until all that's left is pathetic husks of people. The perfect slave. Most of the technology to do this exists right now. It just takes generations. They want to do it in weeks! What is missing is the technology to clean those traits out of the DNA itself, so they will not have to wait. But what they really need is a "catalyzing event", like a collapse of the petro-dollar. Most likely, a severe and prolonged energy crisis. War with Iran and an OPEC embargo would do the trick. Why do you think they want war with Iran so badly? Because they are ready to move forward. The chess pieces are all in place. If there is a breakdown, they will be quick to usher in their new utopia... a utopia where you have no rights except to be a slave. You will be presented with a choice. You can either live in camp or a converted slum and await "processing". Or you can take your chances out in the wilderness with millions of others, fighting over whatever crops people can manage to grow without petro-based fertilizers. Not to mention peace. Crops like peace! They dont like being burned. You might be able to eek out a living. At least until the New and Improved Fox News calls you a traitor for cutting down that tree for firewood. Then you'll be fighting your starving countrymen AND the delusional foreign-born robot-like soldiers they will have hunting you down. And yes, on the news you will most likely be called Al Qaeda! Just for chopping down a freakin tree.

Can you picture Fox viewers feeling all sorts of rage and anger over that poor tree that got chopped down by the evil Al Qaeda? Can you picture Hannity and O'Reilly both devoting a 5 minute segment to that story? Do you have any doubt whatsoever that their viewers wouldn't cheer when the (foreign-born, IQ of 73) "National Guard" troops show up to try to dispatch the Al Qaeda? We are so close to this.... so many people are ready to believe all of it... any damn lie they are told, no matter how unbelievable it may seem. Some will believe it. Enough will believe it.

So, accept that kind of life, as an expatriated champion of the "Old Republic" and face the new tyranny. Or... pass through the refugee camps and get screened to live as a slave in relative luxury... Luxury except for the lack of freedom! (And no I'm not gonna mention what will happen if you dont pass the screening. That's what the CEOs make the big bucks for.. to make those sorts of "tough decisions"!)

People will find a way to rationalize anything in order to survive. Cannibalism, rape, torture, slavery, sacrificial rituals, bootlicking, ANYTHING. I wish it wouldn't come down to it, but when people choose to be naive about how powerful the "dark side of the force" can be, it just becomes inevitable.

I'm not saying it WILL happen, I'm just saying that IF there is a breakdown in civilazation, do you honestly believe that what rises forth will be in any way utopian?? Not a chance. Too few people have too much wealth, and they had to shut off too much of their humanity to attain it. Just imagine what they'd be willing to believe, just to hold onto what they have. Most of them already believe in lie after lie after lie. Do I have to go down the list of lies you have to believe just to be in a position of wealth and power?

DU doesnt exist? check
No more than 32,000 iraqi civilians dead? check
Bush tax cuts narrow the inequality gap? check
We can keep on using more and more oil? check
We can replace oil with ethanol? check
We can replace oil with hydrogen? check
We can do whatever we want around the world and not incite hatred? check
Vaccines contain no mercury? check
Mercury is good for you. check
Media has a liberal bias? check
Hillary will pull the troops out of Iraq? check (Question for the controlled opposition)
Bombing Iran will make us safe? check
Bill is looking out for you? check

There is no reason to trust in their morality, because there is no reason to trust anything they say. They will act according to some principled notion of "the greater good", and they will not ask too many questions about who exactly is excluded from "the greater good". You can count on that. It's happened many times throughout history. Only now has the technology become available to allow the most evil and wicked people to actually alter the course of human evolution. Only now do they have the ability to isolate genes and find correlations with physical and mental traits. Only now do they have the technology to do realtime personality screening and integrate the results into a global database. Only now do they have the technology compare the personality data with the genome data. This is all becoming possible right now! And there is huge profit motive in using it. So it will happen. There is virtually no stopping this from happening, if you rely solely on altruism and the "goodness" of all people to prevent this from happening... Some people are just evil, and they have the strongest lust for power. And worst of all they don't see themselves as evil, only superior. They like to play god. It is just a basic law of nature that says they will eventually achieve their goals if their opposition's lust for freedom ever wanes. Like Howard Zinn says, you cant be neutral on a moving train. Most of us haven't woken up to that fact yet, and the train is moving pretty damn fast.


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