Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Look at Clinton before criticizing republicans

She will most likely win, and yet do you think she will do anything about the Federal Reserve, which has deliberately devalued our dollar to the point where it is now worth less than the canadian dollar?? Ha. Did she and her huband reform health care the last time they lied their way into office? Hell no. Will she stop the iraq war? Hell no. Will she bomb iran? Probably. Will she do anything to overturn NAFTA? No. Hillary wont do anything good, we have history to teach us that. She wont be able to reap the benefits of cheap oil and a huge tech boom like her husband did. Her presidency will have many democrats longing for the Bush days...

Yet despite the almost prophetic certainty of this outcome, dems will still flock to vote for her! In other words, the democratic party is controlled just like the republican party.

They're both picking their "quarterback" based on his/her chances of winning! Well this isnt football. The goal is not to win. You remember what they used to teach... "its how you play the game" and all that bla bla bla... what happened to that, anyway?

Both parties are heavily financed by groups of people who benefit from having a system where people just want to "feel good" about their candidate's chances of winning. Regardless of what their candidate actually stands for or what they will do when they get in office. The media supports that same paradigm.

The most important thing for any activist to do right now is to put a stop to that paradigm. That's why Ron Paul has to win. He wont have the power or the support to piss off democrats the way Bush has done. The democrats will likely have a veto proof majority in 2009... So he wont be able to make things worse. (Even if that was possible.) Ron Paul will simply try to stop bad bills from becoming law. Both the bad republican bills, and the bad democratics bills. He'll force the congress to write constitutional laws. And by congress writing the laws, I mean congress, NOT the lobbyists! Even if it shuts the damn government down. And I can tell all this just by looking at his record. I dont need a million dollars in advertisements to tell me this. He is Dr No.


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