Friday, March 28, 2008

Dear Jessica Wakeman

I remember reading your Cloverfield 9/11 piece a while back. It made me want to see the movie. I hope you will take my advice and stop wasting your time on these dumbed down moronic pop culture gimmics. You're much too good a writer to waste your talent on such garbage.

I doubt you'd agree with me when I say that Gloria Steinem has done more damage to america than all the bimbos on all the computer screens combined. But you need to hear it.

Doesnt it bother you that there are so many single mothers out there trying to raise children? Most feminists think its perfectly ok, because they will get along just fine without men. But they are ignoring the obvious trend that the US is following.... a trend that is clearly leading to 3rd world status. It is only the credit that has kept this country rich enough to where women could get by without men. And as we now know, the credit bubble is collapsing. What that means to all feminists is that they have got to start thinking about how they are going to get by in a country that is significantly less stable than it once was. And how to do it without a man. How to get by while carrying these rediculous ideas that so divide our culture precisely at a time when we need unity. That wont be easy. Feminists who live in denial about this are setting themselves up for a lot of pain and suffering in the coming years. Every feminist is going to realize that they've literally been had. Played like a fiddle by the CFR. Feminism, like many things, was used to destroy this country.

It's sad, and I can assure you that the horror of knowing all this for years, and slowly watching it unfold exactly as predicted, is just as devastating as seeing the twin towers burn from a distance close enough to hear the thumps from the falling bodies. I would rather watch something like that, than see my worst fears about the future of america materialize. But still, even now, people dont want to listen to me, especially feminists. My words are instantly hated because feminists are programmed to respond with blanket denial by the very forces that I'm fighting against. But I think feminists would listen to you.

I think you would be happier fighting against the powers that be. Rather than writing divide-and-conquer style attack pieces on the idiocy of men. We're so far beyond that now it isnt even funny. We all know that men are stupid. But women are stupid too, and highlighting each other's stupidity is not helping the situation. We've all been played. It's easy to laugh at the thought of some guy actually paying money to buy bimbo bucks. I personally think it's hilarious. But he's doing that for a reason. And that reason is because there is no supportive female role model in his life. And that is because the women are too busy working and shopping and... talking about how dumb the men are. If there is to be any hope for this culture at all, then it simply MUST move beyond this. You could play an import role in that process.


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