Thursday, November 01, 2007

Is There a Problem With Overpopulation?

I've heard many arguments stating how the earth is overpopulated. It seems to be a popular view among many who consider themselves "educated", "realistic", etc.

I'm going to answer as many of those arguments as I can.

There are not "far too many people on this planet, ecologically speaking." The earth is not Easter Island, and we have more than trees to use as fuel.

Nature is irrelevant. We crossed the boundary of living in harmony with nature a long long time ago. There are 60 billion farm animals. What we have is utterly unsustainable without continuous technological advance. The only way to get back in "harmony with nature" is to kill off at least 6 billion people. If that is what you believe then you should be the first to volunteer. If you're not prepared to do that then you must admit you're faced with a serious ideological conundrum! That is your issue to deal with, but it is not mine.

No I do not think there will be a "magical" technological solution.

I dont think electricity is magical.
I dont think magnetism is magical.
I dont think gravitational forces are magical.
I dont think tidal forces are magical.
I dont think solar radiation is magical.
I dont think fission is magical.
I dont think fusion is magical.
I dont think (the concept of) antigravity is magical.
I DO think the spirit of ingenuity that makes a lowly lifeform able to understand and use all of those things is magical.

You say let's get with reality, but do you realize that just a few miles below your feet the ground there is hot enough to boil water? Is that reality enough for you? All the energy we need is right there, and we would be up to 100 billion before we had to worry about sucking so much heat energy from the earth that it becomes a problem. By then we'll be generating energy in other ways. ALL ecological problems can be solved with enough energy. Food for 100 billion people can easily be grown without any impact on the environment, given the proper amounts of energy. This energy would not even scratch the surface of how much energy is stored just in the crust of the earth. Without even going into the mantle...

No, agent smith, humanity is not a virus or a cancer on the planet. The planet is not a mammal or a fish. So you really have no idea what a cancer of the planet could possibly be, and definately have no idea what this planet was meant to do in its lifetime. Perhaps all the earth's creatures, including humans, were meant to serve a specific evolutionary purpose. And perhaps all of those species, including us, will be extinct before all is said and done. Perhaps we were meant to give birth to AI and usher in a totally new paradigm not just on this planet but in this entire galaxy. The point is, we dont know. So you cant pretend like you know what's best for mother earth, and then use that as a justification for any type of genocide. And make no mistake genocide is exactly what you're talking about. You should feel comfortable with that term if you're going to support it.

The problem isnt overpopulation, it is simply one of stupidity. We already have most of the technology we need to "save the planet". We just don't use it. Just like we have these great communication tools, cell phones, the internet, etc yet we barely use them to even 1% of their potential. What has always kept this species alive is that 1% who does make the full use of what was given to them. And as the earth's population grows, so too does that critical 1%. The only question is... do you want to be a part of that one percent? If people spent even half the time thinking of real solutions as they do thinking of "final solutions", there would never be a problem.

If you really want to understand why overpopulation is not the problem, then go to google and type in "iarga". Read one man's story. Dont focus on whether it's true or not. Dont focus on the whole ufo veneer. Just look at the ideas presented within. Explore the limitless possibilities. And don't waste your time criticising it unless you actually read it.


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