Thursday, November 01, 2007

Let Your Hypocritical Stars Shine

I don't understand why political parties have to be divided on this issue at all. It's deeply ironic. Because the congress has no business being involved in the abortion debate at all. And the supreme court has no business either, except in deciding the issue of a mother's personal privacy. But that's a conservative point! Conservatives should be for a woman's personal privacy! Liberals should be the ones placing a higher value on the unborn baby! Why is it reversed? Same goes with terri schiavo. The parties were reversed on that too. Liberals should be pro-life (or anti-choice if you prefer). Because it really is the "liberal" position.

There are some legitimate reasons for having an abortion. For that reason Roe V Wade shouldnt be overturned, at least until those specific instances are addressed.

But it is just a plain and simple fact that most abortions are more the fault of britney spears than of some rapist or incestuous family member. If you dont agree with that then sorry you're deluding yourself.

And when I say britney spears you ought to know what I mean. Look back to when she was 17. That's when things really started accelerating down this spiral. The girls noticed how much the guys talked about britney, and so they emulated her. It's not just her either. All the tv shows started oversexualizing adolescents. Much more than they used to. I'm sure part of it was preparation for the Iraq war... how nice it must be that all these defense contractors have their own huge media and entertainment wings. Hell just look at Disney. Goebbels would be jealous....

Yes abstinance from intercourse really is the one true key to reaching common ground on the abortion issue. Not only is it the most logical solution, but it's also the most realistic. Notice I did not say abstinance from sex, merely from intercourse. I think that's where conservatives really mess up their message. The whole "sex can wait" campaign was just a colossal waste of energy. Sex cannot wait. People need to come to grips with the fact that humans are animals and that we dont "become" a human (or an animal) when we turn 18. Sorry it dont work like that.

When a teen sees one of those ads on tv saying "sex can wait", what they're really seeing is "We're just a bunch of fakes and liars, tune us out. Listen to Britney, she knows what it's all about." It is like a big lie. Almost as if done intentionally...

Our culture needs to obliterate the taboo around sex and strengthen the taboo around intercourse. Because intercourse is complicated, serious, and actually quite dangerous on many levels. A hand job and a pearl necklace never killed anyone, born or unborn.


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