Thursday, November 08, 2007

Ron Paul Stock Soars! Dailykos sinks

I may not be rich. I may not be a savvy investor. I thought of buying PetroChina stock when it was sitting at $140 a couple months ago. (It's at $250 right now heh.) But I try not to buy Chinese stocks.

But if Ron Paul was a stock, I'd be a millionaire! Because I "bought" into his stock a year ago, when it was at bargain basement prices.

Oh just imagine if that was a real stock chart! Well, as far as I'm concerned, it is!

When I first started this blog, I had just left DailyKos because I disagreed with their silly shortsighted censorship of 9/11 debate, among other reasons which I have explained in detail. That happened around May of 2006. Check out this chart:

Apparently a lot of other people left as well. I told you so, Moulitsas, you tool. Aside from a few blips (death throes heh), they've been trending downwards ever since.

Hey Markos, you think you know what it is that makes Ron Paul's grassroot support grow, while your fake wannabe "netroots" wallow in the mud? It's because he stands for simple truths. You stand for an establishment that sucks off the marrow of american society. It might sell you a few books, but people see through it in the long run. You can try to comprehend or replicate Ron Paul's success all you want, but you never will. People like Ron Paul, as well as myself, do not sell themselves out just to make a cushy living and hopefully become part of the corrupt establishment. Yeah i could be sitting pretty on my 1000% annualized PTR profits, but I'm not a sellout. I wouldn't expect you to understand. (Even though you've written a book on the subject! lol what a joke.) So please, go on making wild guesses as to what drives Ron Paul's nutty supporters. Good luck trying to replicate it!


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