Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bush feels your pain at the pump!

Oh Bush feels our pain? What a joke. It's his fault for using deficit spending to pay for wars and tax cuts. Govt debt only results in new money being created by the Federal Reserve, resulting in bubbles, such as the housing bubble. When the bubble pops, the Federal Reserve comes in and bails out the banks for their portion of the loss, leaving the average citizen holding the bag. In a truly just world, all the bagholders will be Limbaugh-loving yuppie SUV driving Bush voters. In a free market economy, all the Bush voters would be in bread lines right now. But it dont work like that. Those who save are being punished the most, through the Fed's policy of currency devaluation. Meanwhile, the yuppies go right on consuming like locusts, while listening to Limbaugh talk about how it's the liberals who did all this. Meanwhile, the idiot liberals are already so drunk with the power they havent even gotten yet. So all they can talk about is the slight differences between the empty rhetoric of Clinton and Obama. No doubt it will take them 7.99 years to realize that their favorite CFR candidate isnt going to actually do anything good for them or the country.