Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Neofeudalist Master Plan

They took over the treasury in 1913. Caused a depression in 1929. Bought up all the gold in 1933 (for a mere pittance). They killed Kennedy when he got in their way. They staged the Gulf of Tonkin to drag us into a war whose ONLY purpose was to inflate the currency and get us to consume as much of our resources as quickly as possible. Then they created voodoo economics and used the television mind control devices to sell it to the people. This allowed us to enter a period of ostensible prosperity when in reality only the elites were really getting richer. And of course the orwellian mind control box constantly told us that all the deficit spending was completely normal and acceptable. And now, here we are. Up the creek, blindfolded, without a paddle…. And slowly realizing that the sound we’re hearing is the sound of an approaching waterfall.

I think any geopolitically awake person today would agree with what I just wrote.

Pay no mind to the distant thunder…

But why did they do all of this? Here is my one-sentence answer: To get us to consume the world's resources, so that the elite feudal lords can return the serfs to their proper place.

Oil and coal and natural gas were the poor's ultimate weapons against tyranny. As long as we had some level of control over those resources, tyranny didnt have much of a chance to thrive. But just look at history. Any time resources begin to deplete, tyranny always comes in to fill in the gap. That's why the US spends a trillion a year on "defense". For the sole purpose of bringing to an end "the age of oil" so that they can resume their thrones of power. Democracy stands no chance of survival in an era of declining resources. The US resource base has been in decline for 35 years now. And that is why what we have doesnt resemble democracy anymore. People may think it does, but that doesnt mean anything. Most of those same people also think they're going to be raptured into heaven. Maybe they will, but that is irrelevant here on earth.


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