Friday, March 28, 2008

Peak Oil vs Global Warming

Which is the bigger threat? Which will win in the ultimate Godzilla vs King Kong style contest of calamities?

My money is on peak oil "winning". (Not that its much of a victory.) To me, it isnt even a contest. It's not Godzilla vs King Kong, it's Godzilla vs Diddy Kong. Ironically, the average person, even the average college educated person, is totally naive on the issues in this debate. They are just as naive as Diddy Kong.

Carbon emissions will eventually drop off, but not before anything and everything is burnt as the maddened masses scrounge and scrape the land for resources.

There will be attempts to cull and herd the populations, and there will be mass eugenics carried out. But the resources required to run these programs will not be available for long, and they will not be able to control all the supply lines.

Basically, the "terrorists" will win. (Terrorist being anyone who disagrees with the idea of being rounded up and slaughtered nazi-style) Tell me you cant easily envison some hack on Faux News talking about how those bloody terrorists have struck again, and we need to send in 10,000 more troops to secure resources. What resources? Food. Water. Wood. The troops will slaughter those poor people who refuse to go to the concentration camps. And when they fight back, they are terrorists.

A very grim future indeed. But that's what happens when people choose to live in denial. I do believe that all of that can be prevented. But first there has to be an awakening. And that just is not possible with the CFR controlled media. Too many people buy the fraud of global warming. Even if sea levels rise 20 feet in the next 50 years, that will pale in comparison to the number of people who are going to die from peak oil. If there is ample energy supplies, there will be resources to relocate people away from the coasts. With energy shortages, there is nothing but death.

So like I said, there is no doubt about which is worse. And yet millions of people are ready to sign away their freedom to reduce CO2... its so absurd... it would be funny if it wasnt so sad.


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