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I think that is the key word. It's 9 syllables, jeez it must be important!

Interdisciplinarianism is the skill that allows one member of a society to see and understand what the others are doing. Without this skill, we would have no way of knowing whether one branch of society has become aberrant. Any group, doctors, lawyers, politicians, scientists, environmentalists... it doesnt matter... without interdisciplinarianism, we would have no way of keeping all these separate groups in check, and even more importantly, each group would have no way of communicating with every other group. It would be like the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing.

Yesterday I wrote about how Al Gore has made a career speaking about fossil fuels and alternative energy, but he does not appear to understand the basics of energy economics. He lacks that interdisciplinarianism. So he cannot see how our need to cut emissions could actually cause an economic catastrophe. You can tell he was in government... governments suffer from this all the time.

Here's another example of how a lack of interdisciplinarianism can cause problems: most of the Ron Paul movement is somewhat on the right track talking about how deficits lead to currency devaluation. But it is really the interruption in the trendline of energy supply growth that initiated the currency devaluation we're all seeing today. After all, we've had a policy of deficit spending for the last 30 years, and the problems have just started to get really serious recently. Surely it is not fiscal irresponsibility that caused this? I mean, 25 years ago you could say that fiscal irresponsibility is going to lead to an energy and economic crisis. (And Ron Paul did say it 25 years ago.) But to say it now is kind of late. So that has rendered the Ron Paul movement effectively ineffective. And that's just one political group. The McCain group and the Obama group are even more clueless. They dont know anything at all about energy or basic economics. It seems they do not even possess high school educations. But that is a separate issue from interdisciplinarianism. Basically, they're just plain dumb. This is very unfortunate, to say the least.

What we need is a way to synthesize esoteric information like the "Peak Energy Positive Feedback Loop", so as to move it into the mainstream. The process of synthesis is what will bring the greatest understanding for everyone, including the experts. Take Al Gore's film, and also the film Day After Tomorrow as examples. Those films helped to popularize some of the scarier possibilities of climate change. I don't care much for the idea of overdramatizing something to the point of discrediting a field of science. But I think it is harmless to help people to imagine scenarios where rapid climate shifts can occur. After all, that possibility is not fiction. The climate can and has undergone rapid shifts in the past. (I dont know about days or weeks, but definately in timescales of just a few years.)

Unfortunately, at this point in time people are 10 times more concerned about catastrophic climate change than they are about the types of catastrophies that can and will occur if we allow ourselves to drive right off the energy cliff. Humanity has been asked a simple question: are we smarter than yeast? We are on the threshold of checking the NO box.

What is oddly frightening to me is the fact that I have not seen even one pop culturalization of an energy crisis. At least, nothing that I can remember. Nothing that really fits what seems most likely to happen. Considering all the incredible scenarios that have been played out in movies, that strikes me as incredibly extraordinarily odd, to the nth degree of oddness. From earthquakes, volcanos, asteroids, plagues, world wars, alien invasions, post apocalyptical scenarios, evil dictators, even killer bees! Why is there no box office hit movie involving a peak energy scenario? To be honest, the Matrix is the closest thing I can think of.

But the Matrix's main premise was fatally flawed, since the human body will never be a net producer of energy. And the very idea that people actually think the human body can "produce" energy is rather scary. This is basic physics. But that doesnt really matter because that film was not really about enslaving humans to be used as AA bateries.

That was just the sugar coating, to acclimate us to the much darker reality that may be coming. 30, 20, or even 15 years from now, reality may be so harsh that many people may willingly choose to be plugged into a matrix. But they will only be told they are going into a matrix. In reality who the hell knows what hell they will be going to.... How lovely. In my limited study of the occult neofuedal darklords, I have learned 2 key points. One, they always openly state their plans. Two, the public must willingly accept whatever form of enslavement the dark lords offer. The Matrix reality fits right into that.


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