Thursday, July 10, 2008

Iranian War-Games

I read in the news today that Iran apparently faked a missile launch using doctored photos.

Iran: doctored missile image?

Dept. Of Photoshop: When 3 Becomes 4

Did Iran doctor image of its missile test launch?

Iranian missile test photo 'digitally altered'

Picture: Iran 'fakes' missile launch after misfire

The absurdity of this is what piqued my curiosity. So I took a look at the photo. It does indeed appear they faked a missile launch. I have highlighted a number of patterns that both images share. No two smoke trails should share this many patterns. The odds of it naturally occuring are infinitesimal.

The only question is... why? They would have to be really stupid to think they could cover up a failed missile launch with such a lousy attempt at photo editing. They must have taken lessons from NIST, whose doctored images of the damage to WTC 7 are as bad as this. It's funny how no one in the mainstream media cares to report on that story, but they're all over this story.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Doctored WTC7 images.. the looney left has such an imagination!

7:59 AM  

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