Thursday, June 05, 2008

Jobs for Oil

Today I just read about how container shipping costs have gone from $2000 to $8000. That is how much it costs to ship one of those giant 40 foot steel containers from China to New Jersey.

I've been talking about this for years... it didnt take a prophet to see this coming. I am not too happy about the hole America has dug for itself.

Lets say you can squeeze 1000 toaster ovens onto one of those giant shipping crates. If it costs $2000 to ship it to america, that is $2 per toaster. Not too shabby, eh? This is, in a nutshell, the business model of the 90's. Yes, thousands of people sat in thousands of boardrooms, crunching the numbers and seeing $$$$$$ and $$$$$$$$$.

Let me see if I got this straight...

A thousand CEOs got rich because it made financial sense to close down factories here and open factories in China. Because it is SOOO BLEEPIN SMART to trade American jobs for Chinese slave labor PLUS the foreign oil required to import the fruits of that labor. And all these really smart CEOs just assumed that the price of oil was going to stay low, even though their own country had little control over the price of oil. So unbelievably brilliant!

But with the shipping cost at $8 a pop, does it still make sense to import? Can we not build a toaster oven here in America for less? If not now, then when? When it costs $20 a pop to import?

By the way, this isnt just capitalism gone mad. This was all done by design, to destroy America and deplete the world's fossil fuels so that the global elites could have more control. (You know I just had to throw this comment in.)

Most of the people responsible for sending jobs overseas probably couldnt give a damn about the longterm survival of this country. But I seriously doubt they would destroy our production base if they knew the profits were only going to be short to medium term (less than ten years). But that is exactly what they did. And they did it because the military industrial complex controlled media censors the petroleum industry data and analyses required to make informed decisions. This is yet another example of the cancerous nature of the military industrial complex. Their attempts to control information resulted in many poor financial decisions across the board. This is why I say they are sucking the wealth right out of this country, and the world at large. Because they are. Through taxation, currency devaluation, and control of information.

Taxation. (Socializes the costs so that no one takes a personal stake in removing the waste in government systems.)

Currency devaluation. (Cost overruns result in deficits which in turn result in the creation of new money, which inflates the money supply and makes each dollar worth less.)

Control of information. (The public is kept completely ignorant of the mechanisms used to control them. What isnt talked about in the media, basically isnt talked about. People have been conditioned to literally not see a giant elephant crapping in their living room.)

At this point it is tough to decide which of those three weapons has been the most deadly. And it is really tough to even guess at which of those weapons might be disarmed first.


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