Friday, September 05, 2008

Laura Ingraham: Flower On a Land Mine

I listen to the Laura Ingraham Show for about 15 minutes every day, as part of my ongoing analysis of right wing radio. Needless to say 15 minutes is about all I can stand to hear.

She was responding to someone's comment that said
the presence of the teenage boyfriend, father-to-be at the Republican National Convention does everything you'd expect from planting flowers on an active land mine
, when she said she didn't quite understand what that meant. Let me explain it for you. People plant flowers on top of a land mine when they want to lure innocents (mostly children or anyone else with love and happiness in their hearts) into getting themselves blown up. It is a particularly despicable act, because of the people it targets. It is the kind of tactic you'd expect to see used in places like 1968 Vietnam.

While I was thinking about this, it occured to me that this is exactly what Laura Ingraham is: a flower on a land mine. And listening to her is like picking flowers on a land mine. It is sad that so many people fail to see Ingraham and Hannity and Limbaugh for what they are. They are not conservatives. They are paid hacks whose job is to distract you with their smiles and friendly voices while their bosses rape the living daylights out of this country. They are not your friends. They couldnt give a damn about this country. They will be safe in their gated communities as the policies they push bankrupt this country. I just wish for once they would come out and tell the truth. It might go something like this: "In order to pay for the war on terror, you must let us take all your money and assets. You will be safe once we've taken everything, and you are living in a dirt-floor tent village with the millions of other suckers who bought into this bull."

Like picking flowers on a land mine, you listen to these right wings hacks at your own peril.

Even today after nearly 7 years of post 9/11 mafia style rule, this criminal cabal is still using the same tactics. Ingraham is one of the hired PR goons for that cabal. They will not stop holding the billy-club over America's head until the country is broke and half the population is living in refugee camps. The text on that billy-club reads "Islamofascism". Hundreds of media figures are wielding that word in a mafia style. These media personalities are paid hacks. They are hired hitmen who do their dirty deeds not with real pistols and clubs, but with words. Intellectually bankrupt words... and they don't care how intellectually bankrupt their words and logic are. Because their call screeners will ensure that the real paradigm will never be exposed to their listeners. These hacks would never survive an open debate in the style of Chomsky vs Perle. But they don't care, because even though Perle was completely demolished in that debate, he still went on to help wreck this country with his flawed logic and the perfectly predictable outcome that resulted from his flawed thinking.

By invoking that word Islamofascism, they are in reality saying "pay us protection money or yer windaz is gonna be smashed." Now, 7 years later, we've all paid massive amounts of protection money. At least 10,000 on average. Perhaps 20,000 when you add in all the inflation and debt that they have caused. But it's still not enough. They want you to literally lose your assets and even lose your earning ability. They are pushing the country toward civil war. They are selling off public assets in order to pay for a police state to suppress the dissent they know is coming. All the while, they're telling you how great a job they're doing by lowering taxes. It's a complete lie. They aren't lowering taxes. They are taxing the hell out of us, but not calling it a tax. Islamofascist is the key word. They don't even know what the word means, but that won't stop them from using it. This is all very simple and well understood by many, yet it still holds this country and the world in a deathgrip.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw your post on seeking alpha and visited your site. Hope you win when you run for office.
I have a question for you.I have a site on blogger buit can't figure out how to keep my personal email address from not appearing on the top ribbon. How did you do it?

9:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Laura Ingrahm is a pompous, single minded bigot and self serving wench who only sees the half truths and uses them to pontificate division in our country she and Sean Hannity as well as Rush Limbaugh do nothing for our country except to wedge good Americans from joining together and creating a true democracy. All show and no truth!! She is a talk show host only trying to keep her ratings up using unwitting Americans as her propaganda fodder! Wake America you are being fooled!

10:29 PM  
Blogger Lizwizzie said...

What a horrible thing to say about someone. Please don't bash people. It is unbecoming.


2:54 PM  

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