Monday, October 20, 2008

A New Sheepleskin Robe

A shiny new Sheepleskin Robe for the Emperor Wolf.

I've seen this catastrophe coming for quite some time now. Tried to write as much as I could about it. But it's hard to fully describe events like these until long after they happen. Here we are, almost a month after the big bailout, and I'm only just beginning to be able to describe the sheer scope of the scandal. I knew it was an economic 9/11. I knew the date would have occult significance. (10/9/08) And I've known for years that they were planning on stealing 401ks and transferring huge masses of wealth to the ultra-elite rich. lol I guess I just never thought they'd actually do it, so out in the open like this.

I want to try to explain how this scam works, for those who havent figured it out yet. This may take some revisions until I get it simplified as much as possible, but here goes:

GS went to the treasury and asked for a bailout. Paulson is GS, so of course he's going to go along with it. They get their money and they use it to "shore up capital".

Shore up capital. That's a real hoot. That's an occult phrase. You know, sort of like "whack that guy" is an occult phrase. Sooner or later people are going to learn that all it takes is a few talking heads to redefine terms for us, and we buy into it every time. Our instincts tell us to mistrust, but our higher reasoning centers tell us to defer to the authority. Curious isnt it?

Anyway... what they're really doing is putting in a bottom. Shoring up capital means going out and buying a bunch of stocks, basically. So they did, at bargain prices. And they leveraged that capital in the process. Then they sell them after the market bounces, pocket a commission, pay some bills, and then go buy more stocks. Each time they do this, the smalltime investors throw a fit because these actions cause huge waves to ripple through entire sectors of the market. It's basically just a big money laundering scheme. They take the bailout funds, buy stocks, leverage that money out 10-1, and by putting in a bottom they are guaranteed to get a bounce. Because of the leverage, they get a huge profit. But since the money is laundered through the stock market, the profit is "legitimate". Yes, even though it pretty much comes directly from people's 401ks. So the big wigs get to keep all of it. And we're stuck with the over-leveraged mess they leave behind. The process of de-leveraging is what swallows up pensions and 401ks. All predictable. All predicted. Legalized theft.

It really is a beauty of an irony isnt it. 401k and pension money is transferred to the elite, and the mechanism for which to do it is provided by the bailout funds. So the taxpayer pays their own money to have their pension and 401k stolen. Ha ha HA!! How can you not laugh? Hell, it almost makes my own 401k losses seem worth it, just to witness this comedy/horror show that rivals anything Hollywood has produced. But it gets sad when you realize that the average american has not simply paid taxes to have his retirement stolen, but in fact has actually gone deep into debt in order to do it. Where exactly does this end? Tell me, in the simplest possible terms, what is the most logical next step here? When a government has this much deep-seeded contempt for its people, what's next?


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