Friday, October 28, 2016


Ok so there is this rumor going around. It is still unsubstantiated, but it is rather interesting nonetheless. Was the FBI forced to act on Hillary?

Here is some backstory:

I just wanted to point out something about this system. Here you have a guy, Kim Schmidt, who gets busted for .... basically hurting no one. This corporatist, fascist government with its mega lobbies passes laws to protect the rich and powerful. Those are the kinds of laws Schmidt violated. Meanwhile cold blooded killers are able to break the law with impunity, as long as they are supporters of said corporatist state.

This is where Karma enters the picture. They made an enemy out of Kim DotCom, simply by serving the powerful special interests who pushed through legislation that serves them and only them. And now there is a chance that it could come back to bite them. And for what? There is no evidence that MegaUpload caused anybody to lose one single dime. None. But they had to go after him. Just like they go after people for smoking a frickin herb. Just like they go after people for having a goddam cow in their barn and selling the milk, or any one of a thousand other bullcrap noncrimes. Each and every one of these steaming piles of bullcrap offenses creates a cloud of karma around this system.

Karma is an interesting phenomenon. And make no mistake, it is real. As real as magnetic fields. But it cant easily be measured. It is sort of like that Schrodinger's Cat in the box. Is he dead? Is he alive? You just dont know. Until, you do. And then you know. Every time you piss someone off with a ridiculous and egregious act of utter bullcrap, it could come back on you. You dont know when, you dont know where, you dont know how. All you know is that the more people you piss off, the more likely it is that it will occur. And this is how the powerful and corrupted ultimately destroy themselves.


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