Friday, May 19, 2017

On Self Driving Cars...

So I read this:

My visceral reaction: Such utter nonsense. In 12 years 50% of the cars on the road will be cars that exist TODAY. It is therefore flat out false on its face. And if we have another serious economic contraction, that number rises to 60 maybe even 70%. And who the hell wants to pay $3, 4, or 5 grand to have a frickin car drive itself? It’s frickin retarded. I am supposed to get up and go to work for 200 or 300 HOURS just to earn the money to pay extra for a machine to do one of the simplest and easiest tasks I do in an average day? It’s a goddam outrage that people think that is even remotely tenable. My prediction: in 12 years, 8% of cars will be fully autonomous. And 8% of them will be vandalized by the masses of angry unemployed victims of this stupefied economy run by idiots and parasites. Stop the STUPID.


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