Monday, July 17, 2006

Jefferson's Freezer

Republicans are corrupt. Democrats are corrupt. Everyone is corrupt! That seems to be the message some in the media have been quietly sending to the electorate. So if everyone is corrupt, then why vote out the rethugs because they're corrupt? That would be a mistake!

We'd still have corruption with a democratic congress. I bet the refrigerator business would get a huge boost with dems in control, but other than that things would be the same.

Or would they?

I'm playing devil's advocate here. (The role many right wing pundits try to play.)

It sounds somewhat convincing to the average apolitical person.

But here's something to think about. But first, check out this story for some background info: $90,000 found in congressman's freezer

Now consider this:

If you take the money that this republican administration has stolen from the people, you'd have enough money to line the freezer of EVERY SINGLE BUSH VOTER with $90,000.

This is of course a rough estimate. One can't be sure exactly how much the national debt will be when Bush leaves office. So it could be less. But then again it could be much much more than $90,000, because many Bush voters might share the same freezer. Some freezers might serve half a dozen Bush voters. And what scary freezers they would be!

Too bad most of those 50 million Bush voters didn't really get any money. Because most of them aren't in the top 2%.

But yeah, dems are just as corrupt as repugs, because one of them had $90,000 in his freezer


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