Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Ghouliani vs Paul, Faux News Style

After the debate, Giuliani sat down with Hannity, and he admitted that he didn't even listen to what Ron Paul was saying. He admitted it straight up. On national tv! Who in their right mind would want to elect someone who doesnt listen, even in a debate?! Oh, I know who: Republicans. But really, after seeing the way Fox News did the post debate coverage, it is obvious that Republicans are really just naive victims of corrupted media power. What amazes me is how blatant the bias is. It's like watching poor seaguls covered in oil. It's slimy, it's nasty, it's abhorrent, on so many levels. Surely even Fox News viewers are starting to notice it.

Later on, at 11:00 pm est Fox News Announced the first results of their poll, Ron Paul was in first place with 30%. lol. And that hack with the microphone says that it's because he got beat up by Ghouliani. Then he said it's because maybe Ron Paul's people are better organized. lol.

After that, one of the other candidates said that Ron Paul was leading because he was entertaining, and "people are looking for entertainment". Wow. Such a cynical view of americans! Whoever that guy was, I'm surprised Fox News isn't promoting him more! Give it time.

Then they actually brought Ron Paul on, and Hannity tried to bully him, but only succeeded in making himself look stupid. Ron Paul knows how to handle people like Hannity. It is good to see.

The high point in the debate, despite whatever Fox News claims, is without a doubt Ron Paul's last statements in the debate. He told Brit Hume exactly what any reasonable person would: stop talking about hypothetical scenarios while there is a real war going on. I like Ron Paul's "hey the emperor's not wearing any clothes, why aren't we talking about that??" style. He recognized that the questions being posed were ludicrous, and then went on to talk about what we should be talking about. I think anyone who saw that had to be affected by it.

Later on, at around midnight, Hannity actually says "It's our fault". I know, I'm taking his words out of context, because he was saying he refuses to accept the idea that "9/11 was our fault". I think he meant "america's" fault. But ironically, it really was his fault. Not just "him" per se, but people with his mindest. His unwillingness to approach any topic with reason and rationality. He's a reactionary, paid to promote the views of the reactionary elite. None of them want to listen to reason. They don't care that if you kill 10,000 Iraqis, 10 of their surviving family members are going to hate this country. And if you kill 100,000 Iraqis, 100 of their surviving family members are going to hate this country. Thousands will direct the hate where it belongs, onto our foreign policy, but there will be that 100 or so who hate us all. And of those 100, there will be a few who decide to do more than just hate. People like Hannity don't care about that because even in his own pathetic little soul-less world, he gains some tiny bit of power every time a terrorist incident occurs. They all do. They have no respect for debate. Giuliani admitted he didn't even listen to Ron Paul's response. If you can't even win a debate with someone in your own party, how can you possibly expect to win a war against any enemy? That's what really bothers me about Giuliani and all those who support his worldview. It cannot withstand debate. And they know it.


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