Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Richard Dawkins: Brilliant Naivete

Here is a link to a recent 2-part Richard Dawkins interview.

I agree with what he says about how atheists and non-atheists alike do NOT get their moral values from religion. That part can be seen about halfway through the first video. It's probably the most convincing argument against religion that I've ever heard. I'm not an atheist per se, since I think it is foolish to discount the possibility of "god" since we reallly don't know our heads from holes in the ground. But for all intents and purposes, atheists and agnostics fall under the same umbrella.

At the end of that video, Dawkins admits to being puzzled over why atheists, as a group, have very little political power, considering how large a group atheists are. And that surprised me. It struck me as naive, for the reason is obvious. Religious groups get their power because they are used as front groups for national and global crime syndicates. As soon as these crime syndicates find a way to hijack atheism and use it to make money, I'm sure we'll see atheists gain more political power. Quite frankly, I am shocked that someone like Dawkins does not understand that politics is all about money and power, and has little to do with god.


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