Thursday, December 04, 2008

Bailout Blues

To bailout or not to bailout, that is the question facing congress. Should the Big 3 Stooges be bailed out?

They're currently asking for $34 billion. (The number seems to grow on a daily basis.)

Congress has two choices. If they dont approve the bailout, then it means that they confirm once again that they are wall street shills. Because they've already given over $700 billion to bailout the banks. Ironically, if you take just the bailout money that went offshore, you'd have more than enough to cover the needs of the Big 3 Stooges. Bank of America alone sent $7 billion to China. That's just one transaction. There are dozens of these "malicious" foreign investments of bailout funds.

How can I not use the term malicious? How else can you describe what they're doing? When congress gives money to banks who then turn around and send that money overseas, what does it mean? And when that same congress refuses to give money to GM, Ford, and Chrysler, what does that mean in this context? It can only mean one thing: they are deliberately trying to destroy this country. Such things do not happen by accident. Since most congresscritters have an IQ of at least 80, one cannot simply blame it on pure stupidity.

If congress doesnt bail out the Big 3, then they must take action to reign back in the bailout money that was sent overseas. But what are the chances of that happening? None, if they are indeed controlled by some "as yet unexplained occult force".

When I wrote about the impending fall of GM two years ago, I did not envision this kind of twilight zone nonsense accompanying it. I never imagined that the same congress which sent billions overseas would then refuse to help domestic manufacturers, with millions of jobs on the line. They may as well just pass a bill that transfers all legislative power to the CFR, and be done with it.

What does it matter that the CEOs of the Big 3 flew to Washington in corporate jets? Billions of dollars in bailout funds went to companies with CEOs flying around Asia in corporate jets. Yet we dont hear one peep out of the media about them. How does one explain such things?

We are redefining the phrase "too far gone" on a daily basis. There is simply no "mainstream" explanation of what is going on here.


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