Friday, January 09, 2009

The Appauling Pall of the Paul Call

Just yesterday, I heard a caller mention Ron Paul's name on the Laura Ingraham show. He was right in the middle of making an intelligent comment about the economy, and was well within mainstream conservative thought boundaries. Ron Paul is totally relevant in conservative circles, because he predicted this entire debacle and is a champion of true conservatism. You'd think real conservatives would be talking a lot about Ron Paul.

Can you guess what that slimy disgusting Laura Ingraham did? She cut him off and said we cant take any "Paul calls". What the hell is a Paul call? That is yet more proof of how horribly badly the so-called mainstream conservatives on talk radio are "compromised". Yet the listeners are not savvy enough to understand what is going on. It is obvious that conservatism has been hijacked by something goddawful (neoconservatism). But people cannot think abstractly enough to see it for what it is. The same exact thing is happening on the left. That is why you cannot trust ANY voice on mainstream talk radio (ie Clear Channel). Right or left, they are all controlled, all manipulated. And they all serve the same master, and that master wants to see America in ruins.


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