Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The Test of the Flag

I always saw the national anthem and the "ritual" surrounding it as a sort of test. The test is a simple one: Can we bipedal monkeys agree to do even one thing without fighting? Can we put aside all our myriad grievances long enough to pretend to be united for even just the two minutes it takes for someone to sing the national anthem? Obviously today the answer is no.

This ritual isnt the place for a person to air their grievances. It isnt the place to make a personalized statement. The only statement you need to make is that yes you are indeed capable of getting over yourself and at least pretending to be united for a measly two minutes. Is that really so hard to do? Is that really too much to ask? We do it out of simple respect for all this country has survived through over the past 240 years. You know you've lost your country when so many who are currently occupying it cannot even comprehend this very simple concept.


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