Monday, July 31, 2006

Cynthia "Hamas" McKinney

I compare Cynthia to Hamas not because they're both evil terrorists or some other half baked neocon nonsense like that. But because they were both legitimately elected and yet even though they come from two different sides of the globe, they both somehow managed to piss off the same Establishment. And their constituents, though different in many ways, are both paying the same price for their actions. It happens all the time, and if you consider the fact that Cynthia is pretty much "alone" in congress, you begin to realize that we really have lost our government. The mechanisms of power and control are apparently far too great to overcome. I'm not sure if her district is going to see through all the lies and do what's right. And why should they, when no one else does? Why should they stand behind a congresswoman who practically ensures that less money will go to their district? It's nice that she stands up to the neocon elite crime syndicate, but it really won't change anything so long as no one else stands with her. Every other congresscritter will just go along to get along. And for that they will be awarded with pork. It's disgusting. It makes me want to be a vegetarian...

I don't hold much hope that her district will actually show up and vote for her. And that is sad, because she has always been a magnet for the "truth to power" message, and we need that message now more than ever. You'd think she should be more immune to drive-by style media assassinations. But the latest polls show that people really are shallow, greedy, and totally pliable when it comes to big money and media control. It appears that almost anyone's opinion can be bought for a price, and that anyone will believe the lies if told them often enough.

I'm just wondering... which is it? Which has more effect on people?

The media spin attacks and political assassinations,


the simple, down-to-earth practical truth--the fact that another representative will bring more money to their district?

Is it really that simple? And if so, I can only ask this: Should we all just throw our hands up right now, give in, and vote for the biggest neocon corporate shill we can find, because he/she will bring the most pork home? Why bother screwing around? If pork is the way to go then lets just rework this whole country into a gigantic feeding trough. It'll be fun, I promise. We can roll around in crap all day long while our rights, and our jobs, go byebye.

Is this how the founding fathers intended the congress to function? I don't recall seeing the word "pork" in the constitution. It's not even in the bill of rights. Yet it is the single most powerful weapon used to blackmail our congress in this day and age. Surely, it MUST be in the constitution?

Something seems majorly wrong here. Is this how a country transforms from a bastion of freedom into a land of tyranny? And even knowing all this, would you even care enough to stop it, even if you could? Will the voters in Cynthia's district think about any of this? Will they understand the significance of the choice they are making?


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