Monday, July 17, 2006

kos has lost it

I hate it when I'm right and it forces me to agree with the neocons, but I predicted this. Liberals are going to get creamed thanks in part to this kos character.

"kos: Why I won't write about Israel/Lebanon/Palestine fighting "

And I, for one, sure as heck have no desire to get sucked into that no-win situation. I just hope that war-fatigue sets in at some point.

It's not going to, you jackass. Why? Because we fund Israel's terror machine. Israel's military DWARFS all the rest of the middle east. And it's our tax money that paid for much of it. Too much. And that makes it our problem.

The dynamics of the current conflict were predictable. The Palestinians elected Hamas and the west didn't like that move so they cut the people off and hung them out to dry. That was a big step toward more instability.

Israel's prime minister says Israel will continue to attack Lebanon until two Israeli prisoners are freed and Hezbollah militants leave the area along Israel's northern border.

Clearly, Israel bombed Lebanon to send the following message: do something about Hezbollah. In other words, Israel is using the threat of violence and oppression to bring about political change. This is state sponsored terrorism. They did it to Palestine and now they're doing it to Lebanon. In fact they've been doing it throughout the history of the country. And our tax dollars have been used to that end.

And yet we're supposed to believe that the terrorists are everyone except Israel. As long as such a huge bias exists, the conflict will never be solved.

People like kos cannot understand that because they are too afraid to examine the dark underbelly of US foreign policy. Liberals don't stand a chance as long as this remains so.

They will lose because they are accepting an impossibly weak position based on lies and secrecy. This weakness leads to unjustifiable and irrational behavior. I've exposed this weakness of kos and others on the fake left many times. Here's just one recent example:

"kos: MySpace is foxified "

lol what a jackass. This guy has the nerve to criticize for censorship, and yet if you mention anything that criticizes the governments official story on 9/11, you get censored. Hypocrisy is a key sign of weakness. Especially when the hypocrisy is so blatant.

Tell me something. If Myspace is really practicing censorship, then how do you explain this page:


Notice how many friends and comments he has. Sheesh he's infected Myspace, you'd think they ought to do something about him!

I hope you enjoy 2 more years of republican rule! Maybe you'll wake the hell up before 2008. But I won't hold my breath.


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