Saturday, July 22, 2006

Israel's Plan

What is Israel's master plan? In a word: Agitation. They know that if they just go around killing civilians (Lebanese civilians, not Hezbollah) they will eventually take on so much criticism that it will ultimately destroy the country (or hopefully just get the crazies removed from power). It might take a long long time and a great many atrocities, but even the overwhelmingly biased western media will eventually condemn Israel if they keep doing what they're doing. (Assuming the response to Israel's attacks is limited.)

I believe the evidence is clear that Israel is intentionally targetting civilians. I've read too many reports by too many sources ... some claim that as many as 1/3 of all the casualties have been children. While the corporate media would have us all believe that these children were all terrorists, common sense must intervene! Maybe a couple of them would have been corrupted enough to actually want to pick up a gun and fire it at an Israeli, but the vast majority of them had to be victims, pure and simple. I can't even believe that there are people in this country who are so mentally whacked that they'd think otherwise.

So yes, Israel cannot continue carrying out such massively disproportioned "retaliatory attacks"... unless they know for sure that Hezbollah will retaliate. And of course they have. But as of yet Hezbollah's retaliation has been limited. But eventually--and I think the Israeli leadership knows this -- eventually Hezbollah is going to suicide bomb some Israeli civilian (ie Lebanon Occupation Force) target and kill 100 people. It will make headlines around the world and this will "vindicate" Israel. The vast majority of western citizens will then give their full support to Israel which will allow them to step up their offensive even more. Such is the power of terrorism--it always aids the leadership of the people who are terrorized. If a terrorist kills a bunch of Israeli citizens, the Israeli government gets even more support and power. The same is true for this country's government after 9/11. And it also applies to Israel's enemies. If Israel carries out terrorism ("violence against civilians to promote political change--the removal of Hezbollah in this case") then it actually empowers Hezbollah. This is almost always true for every act of terrorism all around the world. And yet governments continue to respond to terrorism with more terrorism. It's funny how so many people say the middle east is so complicated, yet they refuse to accept even this most simplistic bit of reality. No wonder they think it's so complicated!

There will eventually be some kind of large scale terrorist attack against Israel. And like I said I think the Israeli leadership knows this, but more than that, I think they desire such an act of terrorism. Because they need it. If they don't get it they will lose popular support from the west. And if that happens that country is in serious trouble. Why am I so sure there will be a big terrorist attack on Israel? Because their own aggression is eventually going to kill the wrong innocent civilian. Perhaps it already has. Maybe some father had to watch his only child be torn in two by an Israeli rocket. While most people would try to seek a civilized form of vengeance (civilized vengeance--it's an oxymoron, I know), it is only a matter of time before someone straps on 50 pounds of explosives.

The only way to win a "war on terror" is to appeal to everyone's civilized instincts. It's not like any other struggle where you can accept steady statistical progress. For example, if you are struggling to win a cultural war against obesity, you can look at the numbers and take pride when the statistics improve. But with terrorism the statistics are meaningless. Your statistics can indicate that you have terrorism 99% contained, and then all the sudden, boom!, you're hit with that elusive 1% that feels more like it's 50%. It's like fighting cancer. You cannot accept 99% containment. Even one cancer cell can spread through the whole body.

And where governments really go wrong is on their theories of what containment means. You can't draw a line around an entire bloc of people and basically treat them all as terrorists. That's the number one mistake made by governments time and time again. ("Iraq harbors terrorists" Solution: treat all Iraqis as terrorists. Tell me that's not exactly what happened. And now Israel is doing the same exact thing to Lebanon. The... Same...Exact...Thing. Gee, guess how this is going to turn out.)

You have to eliminate the motive behind terrorism. We are taught by the corrupt media institutions that the terrorists hate us for no rational reason... they don't need a reason in other words.

Some people even equate middle east extremists with those in this country who "go postal". It's a serious mistake to make that connection.

People "go postal" because they are under heavy stress, and they don't exercise to release that stress, and often they compound the problem by taking some horrible drug with horrible side effects to treat their stress, depression, anxiety, or whatnot. It's sad to see so many people so completely misinformed as to how simple it is to cure stress. But that's a testament to the power of the drug companies. Well it's the same for the defense industry and terrorism... or communism or whatever the evil of the week is. They have no interest in stopping terrorism any more than the drug companies have in informing their victims about the time tested "whacky alternative healing mumbo jumbo nonsense" about exercise. Exercise relieving stress? Oh that's so silly. Yes, people actually make that exact argument. Hell, they actually argue that exercise increases stress!

But real terrorists don't "go postal". They don't "snap". They live many months, years, possibly many decades, knowing exactly what they want to do. They just wait around for someone from Iran, or Al Qaeda, or the CIA, to supply them with some bombs. It's not at all like "going postal".

I predict Israel will have it's "one thousandth terror casualty" sometime in October. Then the repugs will argue that the dimocrats are weak on national security and they were wrong to condemn Israel. Israel is truly under attack! It won't matter who really caused it. Just like it doesn't matter who really caused Iraq to descend into civil war. Notice it took over two years for Iraq to "make the transition". I give Lebanon 6 months. But it's so hard to predict because the goal can't be Lebanon. Where is the big money motive behind Lebanon? I mean with Iraq, BushCo's motives were clear: a half trillion dollar handout to the defense industry and many millions to all the little neocon worms crawling around within it. Not to mention the Distraction Factor. BushCo's war in Iraq has taken much of the focus off his multi-trillion dollar mass looting of the treasury! Plus the instability in Iraq had a direct impact on oil prices, leading to accumulated profits of many more billions--not just for the OECD but for OPEC too! It's nice that Bush even included his Saudi friends in on the deal. See, he knows what he's doing! So yes I see the clear 5 trillion dollar motive for invading Iraq, but what is Israel really going to get out of Lebanon? Not much. Syria? Yeah right. The focus has to be Iran. War with Iran will bring the neocons and their supporters at least another 5 trillion. Perhaps many times more than that once the Iranian terrorists reach US shores. And the Left will be wiped out under a new generation of McCarthyism. That, as they say in the credit card commercial, would be priceless.

All because of 2 kidnapped Israeli soldiers? Yeah right. This is big business in action. By the way, those soldiers were captured in Lebanon, not that it matters, because everyone knows that Israeli troops can invade whatever countries they want, consequences be damned.


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