Thursday, August 03, 2006

The death tax is in its last throes?

Why do these pathetic republican hacks try to merge an estate tax cut with a minimum wage increase? Why do they also attach all these other tax breaks? Why do they do this? Why can't a simple minimum wage increase be a simple minimum wage increase?? Isn't it disgusting? Even to an apolitical person? Well it should be. But republicans are getting away with it, and there's no reason to expect them to stop doing something that works for them.

But why does it work? Half the reason is the huge right wing bias of the corporate media. The republicans are willing to risk putting off a minimum wage increase for millions just so they can get a tax break for the wealthiest 0.01% of americans. God forbid they have to share any of those corporate profits that have exploded since shrub took office. (Exploded at the expense of the bottom 80%.) Minimum wage workers are making less real wages now than at any point post WWII. What's it gonna take, great depression level wages? Even then the media won't cover it nearly as much as they cover those 8200 families who have been spared the bloody death tax. Oh the brutal gruesome marxist illegal immoral deadly death tax! Republicans have no fear because they know the media won't grill them.

So what about the other half of the reason repugs pull this crap? In a word: Liebermans. Those political hacks on the left who kiss ass on both sides at the expense of our country's future, just so they can get re-elected. Those 2 or 3 random idiots who get conned or bribed or blackmailed into voting for something they know damn well they should be voting against. They are the ones who are as guilty as the republicans yet they think they stand for something better than what the republicans stand for. That may be true, but a sellout is a sellout, no matter what else he may be. A racist is still a racist, no matter how many fans he has. (I'm not talking about Mel I'm actually talking about Ahnold, who gets a free pass by the *cough* liberal media...)

The Liebermans's of the world just don't get it either. They're like, "what'd I do?" Murray and Cantwell could be among those poor saps this week. And if they pander to the rethugs to save their skins then I hope they lose anyway.

Even if it means electing a rethug. No democrat should be a buttkissing sellout. How many times do I have to say it. It does not matter if there are only 27 democrats left in the senate. Who gives a damn... the country is being destroyed anyway. Most of the damage is done (At least I hope so). All net savings are gone. Public and private debt are growing at their fastest rates ever. 2005 was the worst year ever for our economy, post WWII. The dollar has lost 40%. Energy costs up 300+%. Real cost of living is up 50-80% since Shrub "took" office. AND THERE ISN'T EVEN A SERIOUS PUBLIC DEBATE ABOUT ANY OF IT. You're like some kind of out-of-the-mainstream lefty extremist if you talk about any of this stuff. Yet it's all really happening. The facts are both undeniable AND UNDENIED. Yet you can't talk about it for one reason and one reason only. It is upsetting to the elite media masters.

I can just imagine what these pathetic greedy scumbuckets are saying in the board meetings:

"I didn't buy these 47 God damn radio stations so I could inform people. What in god's name gave you that stupid idea? I want to make money. And there's no money in telling people how badly you've screwed them. We just gotta prevent them from learning and understanding."

The only way to stop this is to stand against it, instead of allowing those within your own party, especially those with seniority, to constantly cave in and allow the goalposts to be moved further and further to the right. Draw the line, and stand on it. Then people will either stand with you or against you. If they choose to stand against, then they will only be destroying themselves and their future by continuing to feed this huge wealth transfer we call Conservatism. (What a truly Orwellian title.) When there's no money left and no jobs and this country resembles Mexico, then people will be ready to listen to democrats. Really listen. Instead of blaming democrats too. And you'll have a strong movement built on truth and the pursuit of justice. And all around the world, everyone will know that socialism is what works, and what we allowed ourselves to be fooled into thinking was just pure stupidity. America would become known as "the land of learning things the hard way". But it's better than being "the land of the elite", or "the engine of global destruction" or "The United Police States" or "New New Mexico" or "The North American Union" or anything else that's likely to happen without a real opposition party.


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