Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Kids, you're not fat enough!

This is real twilight zone stuff here. Check out the results of this google news search.

These are actual headlines:

Recess Restrictions
Touchy Attleboro school outlaws tag from its playground
Not It! Mass. Elementary School Bans Tag
Attleboro elementary school bans tag
Tag You're It Now Out In Mass. School
Elementary school outlaws tag at recess
Classic kids game barred from local school
Safety First (childhood last)
Being PC eliminates playground tag

Like I said, this is real twilight zone stuff. But why? Is it really for kids' safety? That is such a bogus nonsensical argument... it falls flat on its face. Why not just lock all the kids up? It's nonsense. My guess is ... it is a scam sponsored by the drug companies to prevent children from burning off excess energy and thereby giving more children the symptoms of ADD so they can be placed on ritalin. It's sick, but certainly not without precedent.


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