Friday, September 22, 2006

Michael M(edved)?

Wow I had heard that this guy was one of those whacked out right wing radio hosts who is on the air for one reason and one reason only: money talks.

Yes I figured that much was true. But oh my god what an idiot. Usually these people are shifty and trixy and quite skilled at the art of hiding their stupidity. But Michael Medved just lays it all out there for you.

I just read something written by him and I have to say I'm impressed... it is quite a stunning admission of pure stupidity.

Michael Medved's finest

Check out this gem of a quote:

"And how, exactly, has America, demonstrated lack of respect, or disregarded the sovereignty of nations?"

I read it over and over agian, in context, to see if it was some kind of snark. But no, it's genuine. He is really asking that question. lol

Now here's some more wonderful quotes:

"Wouldn't a true imperial power drive down the price of a commodity as essential to itself as oil, rather than allowing a capricious cartel led by Saudia Arabia to set the cost of energy according to its own whims and interests?"

"No one looking at the balance sheet behind the present and recent past can plausibly argue that our current, lavishly costly efforts to strengthen struggling democracies in Afghanistan and Iraq can enrich our coffers in any way."

This guy is actually getting paid to be on the air, and he doesn't even understand, or he pretends to not understand, even the simplest concepts of imperialism. Pay particular notice to the phrase "enrich our coffers in any way." He's trying to say an imperial power wouldn't invade Iraq because it would cost too much. Wow way to be a moron. Never mind the billions in reconstruction funds missing, the rampant war profiteering, the no-bid contracts, the distraction from domestic economic issues, (that's worth a trillion dollars right there!), and finally, the increased cost of oil resulting from the manufactured instability in the middle east. Earth to Michael Medved: imperialism is NOT about filling "our" coffers. It is about filling the coffers of the elite wealthy. The Halliburton CEOs of the world. And it's pure fraud for you to pretend like you don't know that. Total fraud. You're a hack. This is like some math teacher stating on the record that 1+1=3. Michael Medved has done the exact same thing, except he did it in the political world rather than the mathematical world.

But in the world of right wing radio, it's just another day at the office, working for the man. You people make me sick. Whatever they pay you, it's not enough. lol


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